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To access your TRUE potential through self hypnosis requires nothing more than a certain amount of dedication and focus. It's now widely acknowledged that with effective self hypnosis techniques, you will be able to draw upon the vast potential that lies untapped within your subconscious mind. Overcoming habits such as smoking or overeating or negative self beliefs which damage your self confidence can seem like an impossible task when you're afflicted by negative thinking. However if you learn to harness the power that really does lie dormant within you then living the life that you want to live becomes more than just possible. Every human being has within them latent potential and abilities far, far beyond that assumed by "everyday" conscious awareness.

In relation to this fact, here is a truism to consider which could be thought of as the foundation of any self hypnosis session:

"When an image becomes fixated in the mind to the exclusion of all other images, then that image eventually manifests itself as a reality in your life"

Think about the implications of this. It suggests that by the power of your thought you can achieve any objective in life that is truly important to you, that if you have a strong desire to do so you could use self hypnosis and the power of your mind to overcome limiting beliefs and become wealthy and successful, or find the perfect relationship, or have better health or successfully fulfill any goal that you want to.

Many people still think of hypnosis as some form of mind control practised by stage hypnotists for entertainment purposes, or are perhaps vaguely aware that it has uses in smoking cessation and weight loss, but did you know that some very well known people have used hypnosis and/or self hypnosis to tap into and use the power of their subconscious minds? Jack Niklaus is known to have used it to improve his golf game. (He believed that golf is 10% physical and 90% mental).

Kevin Costner used it overcome his tendency to sea-sickness, and Mark Knopfler, Matt Damon and Winona Ryder used it to successfully quit smoking. Lily Allen and Sophie Dahl - and many others - used it for weight loss and control, Leona Lewis to boost her confidence and Whoopi Goldberg to overcome her fear of flying.

Every Man Woman And Child Is A Star

All of these people, and of course millions of others, have discovered that they have a boundless reservoir of ability, intuition and creative potential within them, and that these strengths and abilities lie within the realm of the subconscious mind. Self hypnosis - all hypnosis is ultimately self hypnosis - is a proven and successful method of accessing that subconscious power and directing it towards the fulfillment of your goal, whether it's to lose weight, quit smoking, build confidence and self esteem, develop a prosperity mindset or whatever it may be that you truly desire to do.

Every human being - even to a lesser extent identical twins - is unique and different, but everyone has one thing in common and that is the possession of an individual subconscious mind. Everyone who has a sentient conscious mind has by definition a subconscious mind which, through the diligent application of a few simple techniques, can be accessed in order to open the door to the treasure house within you.

Self Hypnosis And The Power
Of The Subconscious Mind

You have one mind which has two distinct but interrelated "phases", your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. Your conscious mind reflects and reacts to whatever you perceive as "reality". The subconscious mind however does not only direct and control all bodily functions including healing, but is directly linked to the infinite reservoir of universal power, wisdom, potential and possibilities that is actually the birthright of all.

This may seem to make the conscious mind appear unimportant, but on the contrary the conscious mind is in truth the "helmsman of your destiny" because your habitual conscious thoughts are eventually impressed upon your subconscious which then works to manifest in your life whatever "reality" is represented by these habitual conscious thoughts.

To use an example, if a person is constantly imagining, thinking about and worrying about ill health, the subconscious will cause ill health to manifest in that person's body and life. However if the same person then learned to train their conscious mind to consistently think thoughts of health and vitality, the subconscious would just as effectively manifest that. The subconscious doesn't argue or reason about what's "right" or "wrong", it works with whatever it consistently gets from the conscious mind - positive or negative - and sooner or later manifests that as reality in the individual's life.

By using techniques such as affirmations, visualization and suggestion - self hypnosis - the nature and quality of your conscious thoughts can be adjusted in such a way as to continually impress on your all powerful subconscious mind the vision and the reality of whatever it is that you're seeking to achieve. The subconscious mind then begins to work tirelessly to bring about - sometimes through seemingly strange "coincidences" - the conditions, people and circumstances necessary for the fulfilment of your goal.

You have within you a connection to all the power and wisdom of the universe. Through self hypnosis you can access the power of your mind to awaken that connection and make your life as wonderful and fulfilling as it should be.

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