How Abandonment Issues
and Abandonment Fear
Are Overcome

Using self hypnosis to relax and free the mind from fear and abandonment issues works because relaxation combined with positive suggestions and imagery will neutralize and overcome the fear and self doubt which lie at the root of abandonment fears.

No one likes the thought of being dumped out of a relationship. It's one of those niggling background fears that occasionally makes itself felt in the conscious awareness of even the most confident and assured people.

However if your life and relationship(s) are dominated by a sense of expectation that someone is going to or is thinking about leaving you, that sense will, at some point or other in a relationship, start to have a negative effect on the relationship itself.

People who live with ongoing fears about abandonment often end up losing the very relationship they were so afraid of losing in the first place, because their fear makes them behave in ways that ultimately alienates the person they're afraid of being abandoned by, bringing about a sort of self fulfilling prophecy.

Once this has happened more than say, twice, then a pattern of expectation forms and the fear of abandonment becomes established, causing the person to think that "no one can be trusted" or that "all men are the same" or "all women are the same", all this then creating an accordingly negative outlook and self defeating attitude towards relationships and life in general.

Being afraid of being abandoned and left alone often stems from some childhood experience, and in many cases the memory of losing a parent, either through bereavement or marital discord, has been found to be the cause.

Alternatively, it could relate to some experience later in life, where a relationship has ended in a particularly hurtful way and this has left such a deep impression on the memory that the psyche has been unable or unwilling to "process" the experience adequately, thereby creating a mental breeding ground for irrational fears about and expectations of abandonment with regard to people and relationships in general.

Incidentally, within the context of a relationship, if you place real trust in someone and that person does indeed let you down, that's a negative reflection on them, not you.

Help For Abandonment Issues

An audio hypnosis session, created specifically to deal with fears of abandonment will, with daily and/or nightly use for a few weeks, help to relax the mind and body, leaving the subconscious open to the soothing and healing suggestions and imagery, whereby the subconscious then soon becomes reprogrammed to see existing or potential relationships in a permanently relaxed way and as something that could add meaning and excitement to life, and not as something that you desperately need to cling on to. Details of the download are available here.

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