How An Abundance Mindset Creates Abundant Living

By using self hypnosis for success and developing an abundance mindset you will truly be on the path to prosperity and wealth. Forming an understanding of the abundance mindset involves appreciating that life and the universe actually contains infinite abundance, and that at the end of things the law of abundance ensures that people who are prepared to give as well as receive always, one way or another, come out on top over selfish, small minded people. If you live your life hoarding money for fear that someone else may get some enjoyment out of it, it will never make you happy or fulfilled. On the contrary, it'll make you miserable, neurotic and unpopular.

The Abundance Mindset

The abundant mentality is largely about appreciating what giving and receiving really means. If you're short of money, what do you do? Go all out to acquire more and to hell with anyone else? No, because this kind of thinking and attitude is based on the scarcity mindset, which is ultimately counterproductive and will destroy any true value or satisfaction that you may have derived from any money that you might have gained. What you should actually do, before applying your mind to solving your financial problem, is go out and give some money to someone who needs it more than you do.

This isn't about learning how to feel good in some goody goody sense, the abundance mindset is about not being afraid to open yourself up to the universal flow of money and ideas. By giving to the universal flow, you open yourself up to receive from it. By only being prepared to take and not give, you're effectively blocking yourself off from the abundant life, and even if you do amass a large amount of money, it will never actually do you any real good.

The Scarcity Mindset

If you found yourself becoming upset over seeing or hearing about someone spending, say, $20,000 on a birthday party, you are confirming to yourself that your own life is founded on scarcity. It may well be that the person who spends $20,000 on a birthday party has more money than sense, but that's not the point. The point relates to you and your attitude to money and life.

This negative attitude to money and wealth is just about the most efficient non money making attitude there is. If you think that $20,000 is too much to spend on a birthday party, the point is that your mentality is not going to be open to the idea of easily generating $20,000 in the first place.

Of course everyone's heard about multimillionaires who will refuse to part with $1,000 unless there's something in it for them. So you may well ask why someone like that who obviously has more of a scarcity mentality than an abundant one still manages to generate stacks of money? Assuming that we're not just talking about some politically connected crook, the reason is that it's actually quite possible - even in the most trying economic times - for someone with a decent business idea and the right attitude to go out and generate wealth.

The point about our miserly multimillionaire is that while he may have an eye for an opportunity he is not deriving any real happiness or satisfaction from his wealth, because his money owns him more than he owns his money. He may like to receive, but he knows nothing about true giving, and this creates an imbalance in the soul or the psyche, whatever you want to call it. He is afraid to give, because he thinks he'll somehow "lose out".

On the other hand, a man who has $20 to his name, and then gives 3 or 4 of them to someone worse off than him has no fear of giving and thus is, in many valuable ways, just as likely to succeed because he is "opening himself up" to the universal money flow instead of trying to block it.

The scarcity mindset is constantly telling itself that it doesn't have enough. This can apply to all areas of life, not just money. An abundance mindset never loses sight of the truth that there are countless ways to make money and that there are rivers, seas of money out there, even in the most challenging financial times, and that only the tiniest most infinitesimal percentage of it would be more than enough to set you up comfortably for life.

To someone with an attitude of abundance wealth comes more easily and naturally, without any of the destructive "side effects" that it ultimately brings to people who have acquired it purely selfishly.

Someone with the ability to manifest abundance in the real sense of the word has managed to strike the right balance between giving and receiving. It's obviously not just about constantly giving away everything you have, but about not allowing what you do have to become bigger and more important in your mind than it really is. 

Hypnosis for Abundance and Wealth

When you combine an understanding of the abundance mindset with self hypnosis for wealth and prosperity, you will definitely be making inroads toward the achievement of your goal of financial security. Train your conscious mind to see and feel the abundance of the Universe everywhere, in all things, not just with regard to money. And, the achievement of real financial freedom requires an abundance mindset but also that you deal with any mental barriers which may be subconsciously preventing you from having the belief in yourself that you will need in order to succeed. Changing limiting core beliefs - negative self beliefs that feed a scarcity mindset - can be successfully achieved with self hypnosis through the use of a hypnosis download created specifically to build a wealth mentality and eliminate any doubts or fears that you may have about your ability to find and use a method of generating money and wealth. More info is available here.

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