Overcome Addiction To Gambling

By reprogramming the thought processes that sustain addiction to gambling, you completely and permanently overcome the compulsion to gamble. However, while these thought patterns remain untreated and embedded, addiction to gambling remains a classic example of a compulsion where the gambler is on one level aware of the illusory quality of its appeal and also of the damage that it can do, but at the same time feels powerless to stop it and gambling addiction recovery seems remote, notwithstanding that the effects of gambling addiction can be financial ruin, loss of relationships and marital breakdown, loss of career and of self esteem, and even prison.

Problem gamblers try to feel that the big win which will put everything right must be just around the corner. However they also often know in their lucid moments that even if they do have a big win, they'll feel compelled to gamble it away again.

Addiction To Gambling

If you're spending more and more time gambling and betting, starting to take risks with money that you can't afford to lose, putting a marriage or relationship at risk, gambling secretly, feeling compelled to gamble despite a strong possibility of, say, losing your job, or starting to have thoughts about obtaining money illegally to pay debts or gamble more, then it's safe to say that you have a serious problem with gambling.

Even in the face of all this compulsive gamblers go on gambling, despite knowing the risks, somehow feeling that this time they'll trump the system and win big. They have become entranced by the illusion at the end of every problem gambler's rainbow, that just around the corner is a win so big that they'll never have to or want to gamble again.

That, and the usually modest wins that they do periodically have, is what maintains the addictive/compulsive behavior pattern. These thought patterns have become ingrained into the subconscious, making the gambling addict feel that they have to gamble, as if it's some kind of automatic instinct over which they have no control, which, in a sense, is exactly what it is.

Overcoming Gambling Addiction

A gambling addiction problem can, however, be overcome. The first thing that you have to do is fully acknowledge to yourself that you have lost control over your gambling, and that it is in effect now controlling you. Once you have made a full and conscious acknowledgement of this you can begin to take back control, providing that you really want to.

Then begin to appreciate that, as stated previously, your gambling habit has come about because the thought pattern of excitement through the false expectations that taking the gambling risks creates has become lodged in or ingrained in your mind, with the result that you become mentally trapped in a loop of excitement and hope, followed - almost every time - by a sense of loss verging on despair, which can then only be relieved by going back to the original positive feeling of excitement and hope, i.e gambling again.

With regard to addiction to gambling hypnosis and/or self hypnosis seems to be a curiously under-used resource, despite clear evidence that many gambling problems have been overcome through its use. By inducing a state of relaxation and receptivity, relevant positive suggestions can be absorbed by the subconscious, thereby "rewiring" the thought patterns which previously caused the compulsion to return to the gambling buzz again and again. Ultimately, this has the effect of making addiction to gambling a thing of the past, by creating a positive change in the way that you subconsciously feel about gambling. You find that you have either quickly or gradually simply lost interest in it. Hypnosis Downloads have produced a pc and mp3 download created with this specific aim in mind, and more details are available here.

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