Attraction Body Language

If someone is attracted to you attraction body language will subtly - sometimes not so subtly - let you know about it. The physical language of male and female attraction can be seen through spontaneous gesturing, certain postures, facial expressions and of course eye contact. More often than not this happens on the unconscious level whereby both the attraction body language being expressed by one individual is expressed unconsciously and also the other individual's noticing of it happens below the conscious level. So while the conscious mind may not have picked up on the signals the subconscious mind most certainly has picked up on it and will be quietly storing the information in order to inform the "instinctive" deeper feeling that you have about someone or that they have about you. 

Body language or non verbal communication in general accounts for a significant portion of all human interaction. We've all heard the old saying about how you say something being as important as what it is that you actually say. While that's not specifically a reference to body language itself it does go to the heart of the matter concerning the communication that occurs non verbally. Body language, most especially for those who understand it and are practised in using it consciously, is a dead giveaway for a person's true thoughts and feelings about a particular person or circumstance.

Attraction Body Language

Something that needs to be borne in mind with regard to sexualised body language is that one indicator on its own does not mean, or at least doesn't necessarily mean, that he or she is sexually attracted to you. You need to be seeing a repetition or "cluster" of indicators during the course of a conversation or meeting before you can begin to draw any valid conclusions. 

For example if you're a man and she looks at you once during a conversation in a kind of lingering way it may well mean nothing, however if she does that a couple of times and also perhaps raises her eyebrows, twirls her hair and subtly exposes her neck, throat and forearm then there is a distinct possibility that she's attracted to you. Sometimes women unconsciously - or consciously - express a look of submissiveness by making eye contact then looking away, usually downwards, then looking back again with a soft and fulsome gaze. This is in line with the old "fluttering eyelashes" symbolism. A discreet use of the tongue to moisten lips while she's looking at you is another indicator of possible interest. Enlarged, dilated pupils also indicates arousal of some sort, if you can notice it. 

If a woman in your company displays a generally relaxed posture then of course this means that she's at ease with you however it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sexual attraction. To discern that you have to look a little more closely, of course without being too obvious about it, for signals such as her dangling one of her shoes from the end of her foot, perhaps while twirling her hair, tending to lean frontally towards you with an open expression and smiling in a way that exposes teeth or in a more subtly sexualised way, i.e. with a kind of knowing "do you want me?" grin.

Sometimes in certain circumstances objects can be used to indicate sexual interest, and it's hardly necessary to point out that the objects tend to be cylindrical. If a woman is looking directly but softly at you while stroking the stem of a wine glass for example then it's a fairly safe bet that she's trying to tell you something. 

From a woman's point of view male attraction body language can be quite easy to pick up on, partly because for a number of reasons men in general use less indicators than women do. There are some differences in male and female body language signalling but also many overall similarities. If a man is making eye contact with you and holds it for more than a few seconds then he's of course indicating interest of some sort. If you're quick to notice subtle and fleeting facial expressions and you see his eyebrows raise a little when looking at you this may well indicate that he likes what he's seeing.

Also some elements of posturing are similar, in that a man who is relaxed in your company will tend to lean towards you in conversation and look at you with an open, positive expression. However some aspects of male posturing are clearly different. When a man is in the company of a woman he's attracted to he may tend to stand up straighter with head and shoulders back, an unconsciously generated desire to appear as a strong, healthy "alpha" male.

He also may unconsciously adjust his hair or clothing in some way, obviously in an attempt to improve overall appearance, and if at some point he he lightly touches you on the forearm or gently touches your back or shoulder to for example help guide you through a crowded room or bar he's indicating that he regards you as being "important" in some way. Whether you take this as him showing a proprietorial, bossy attitude or whether he's showing interest and respect is up to you to decide. 

Signals indicating lack of interest or desire are broadly similar between male and female. Lack of eye contact, crossed arms or legs (more especially crossed arms), tending to turn away in terms of bodily positioning and a decidedly neutral speech pattern are the clear indicators of lack of interest and/or desire.

Attraction body language is a highly significant element of human communication and interaction. It should be remembered though that you should not jump to conclusions too quickly about what one instance of someone's body language might or might not mean. You should be looking for a number of indicators before making any definitive judgement. 

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