Binge Eating Facts
Causes Of Binge Eating

Binge Eating Facts

Dealing with binge eating first involves acquiring some binge eating facts and information on food addiction in general and then seeking appropriate medical/clinical advice. Learning how to stop binge eating involves more than putting up a food calorie chart on the fridge door because there are often deep seated emotional factors involved in the reasons why people turn to binge eating in the first place, therefore the first aim of any consultation with a health professional should be to begin to identify and address the fundamental problem itself. However knowledge is power and having some information on binge eating facts would be beneficial in the first instance.

The definition of binge eating could be summarized as follows - uncontrolled eating at least once every few days for at least a couple of months. A binge eating disorder is not the same as anorexia or bulimia, binge eaters are not known to purge after bouts. Binge eating has been recognised as a mental health issue since the early 1990's, and the Harvard Medical School concluded that binge eating is the most common serious eating disorder in the USA.

Binge eaters can suffer from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression, anxiety, low self esteem, disturbed sleep patterns and of course obesity itself. Personal and work relationships can suffer leading to social isolation. Binge eaters have been known to consume as much as 20,000 calories in one bout, whereas the normal calorific intake would be between 1300 and 2500 calories per day.

More Binge Eating Facts

It seems to be generally accepted by medical and mental health authorities that there is rarely one single factor involved in causing a person to binge eat, but varying permutations of a combination of them. There are some indications that in some cases a neurological disturbance relating to the hypothalamus may be involved, but the most significant links seem to be depression, loneliness, poor self esteem, sexual problems, emotional insecurity and in some cases childhood abuse.

Also elements of the media and the advertising industry continue to be obsessed with trying to make everyone feel that they must be thin. If someone is emotionally insecure and feels fat and unattractive, this pressure can paradoxically lead to binge eating problems.

Symptomatic Behavior

Some facts relating to the symptoms of this condition could be useful not only to the sufferer but also to those around them. It's not always immediately apparent to family and friends that someone needs binge eating help until noticeable weight gain has come about, because they will usually binge in secret, and will sometimes conceal food around the house. They feel they have no control over the urge to binge eat, and can eat very large quantities of food very quickly.

Binge eaters can often only feel relaxed while eating, though never derive any actual satisfaction after binge eating, and oftentimes will continue to binge even after they feel full. These bouts are always followed by feelings of guilt and self disgust.

Help to Stop Binge Eating

If you recognise in your behavior any aspects of the previously outlined binge eating facts or symptoms, then the first thing you need to do is get medical and clinical advice. There are various forms of binge eating disorder treatment available, including group therapy, and when you've absorbed relevant information on binge eating facts and symptoms and begun, with the advice and support of health professionals, to understand what's driving a binge eating problem you should integrate relaxation sessions and use weight loss related self hypnosis downloads in your day to day life in order to train your conscious mind to send positive thought energy to your subconscious, because it is ultimately through your all powerful subconscious mind that you will deal with and eliminate the cause of the problem.

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