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To cure your nail biting disorder for ever the link between biting fingernails and tension relief has to be removed. This link exists in the subconscious and so the only truly effective techniques must involve altering your deep rooted attitude to nail biting. Biting fingernails, aka onychophagia, is a fairly common habit but most people only find themselves biting nails now and then.

For some, though, it goes much further and has become a compulsive behavior pattern which can become painful and embarrassing, especially if you've started nailbiting on a purely unconscious level without thinking about it and have found yourself doing it in some situation like on a date or at a job interview.

Basically, it's a coping mechanism that you unconsciously use to relieve stress or tension, and at times of increased tension compulsive nail biters will often chew their nails down to the quick.

Certain liquids can be applied to nails which have been deliberately created with a disgusting taste, so as to discourage the biter from the habit.

Some success has been reported with this, but it's doubtful if such a method would be capable of permanently and completely eradicating the unconscious connection between stress relief and nail biting. In any case, you'd have to remember to apply the liquid perhaps several times a day and have it with you at all times. It's at best a cosmetic and temporary solution to the problem.

The reason for that is that nail biting and similar compulsive/habitual behaviors like hair pulling disorder have come about because on a deeper level you've come to associate the act with tension relief, so therefore the most effective way of changing that behavior pattern is by changing your thought patterns about nail biting on that "deeper" level.

This isn't as dramatic or as difficult as it may sound. Nowadays through hypnosis and/or self hypnosis thousands of people are routinely and permanently relieved of all sorts of problem habits and conditions.

How To Stop Biting Fingernails

Once a particular habitual behavior has become ingrained, it becomes difficult if not almost impossible to just consciously stop it. You can repeatedly order yourself to stop nail biting till you're blue in the face, but sometimes you'll still find yourself doing it unconsciously, with or without treated liquids.

As mentioned previously, hypnosis is now recognised as a proven method of successfully removing the link between inner tension and habits and compulsions like nailbiting. Through relaxation and positive suggestion the subconscious is gently "persuaded" to abandon its association between tension relief and the nail biting habit, with the result that soon you'll notice that the urge has completely gone.

Some ex nail biters have reported that after nail biting hypnosis they assumed on some level that they'd still want to bite their nails, and, upon habitually raising the fingers to the mouth to bite the nails, found that they had absolutely no inclination whatsoever to do so.

A convenient and cost effective method of achieving this is by absorbing a relevant hypnosis mp3 download. As you absorb the suggestions from the download while mentally and physically relaxed, biting fingernails becomes, either quickly or gradually, a thing of the past. Whether you've been compulsively biting your nails for years or if it's just an annoying urge that comes over you periodically, the principle will work successfully in the same way. Further details of the download are available here.

Details of the Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Download

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