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The effects of too much caffeine - caffeine intoxication - is a more widespread problem than is generally realized. It's worthwhile in fact necessary to first of all note that caffeine is a drug that acts as a stimulant. Everyone "knows" this but if you've got a problem with caffeine or even if you don't then the effects of caffeine and the various caffeine side effects are not something that you think about as you consume it, habitually or otherwise.

Caffeine Intoxication

Coffee - or more specifically the caffeine that's in it - is fine in moderation, probably no more than two or maximum three cups per day, but if you've become hooked on the adrenal high that caffeine produces then your health is at risk.

Caffeine addiction straddles the boundary between physical and psychological dependence, in that the energy boost supplied by it has a physical cause - release of adrenaline - but has most effect mentally/emotionally. So if you consume an excess of caffeine when the adrenaline rush wears off you feel simultaneously physically worn down and mentally irritable and edgy, and strongly inclined to consume more caffeine to restore the buzz and lose the negative effects, and so it goes on and takes its eventual toll on your mental and physical well being.

Addiction to caffeine causes headaches, mood swings, insomnia, dehydration, trembling of hands and waking up - generally after poor sleep - feeling exhausted.

Overcoming caffeine addictions requires a two pronged approach, in that you first have to mentally step back and allow yourself a true understanding of the damage that it can and does do, both physically and mentally, and then make a conscious effort to begin to wean yourself off it. You could for example begin to take steps to change your routine, shopping habits etc, in such a way that limits your exposure to opportunities to consume caffeine. (Caffeine is also found in tea and in many soft drinks).

Secondly, it's necessary to back up this effort with help through the power of the subconscious. It's very difficult if not almost impossible to break deeply ingrained habitual behavior patterns with only a conscious effort, because the subconscious has "learned" the pattern, so at times you'd find yourself reaching for the coffee without even thinking about it.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis is acknowledged as one of the best ways to enlist this subconscious mind power. Caffeine poisoning and the other effects of too much caffeine have been created because you've come to unconsciously believe that you need to habitually consume caffeine to maintain the ability to function efficiently. In order to free yourself from the effects of caffeine intoxication and caffeine withdrawal this mental "circuit" needs to be broken, and you can do this by giving yourself time to relax and absorb a relevantly themed hypnosis pc or mp3 download. Once you're relaxed the positive and relevant suggestions will sink into the subconscious, as a result of which your "instinctive" attitude towards coffee consumption will change for the better. Hypnosis Downloads have produced a pc/mp3 download specifically with this in mind, and more details are available here.

Details of the Overcome Caffeine Addiction Hypnosis Download

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