Carcinophobia And How
It Can Be Overcome
Through Hypnosis

Irrational fears about cancer - carcinophobia - as a pose to actually having cancer, is more common than is generally realized. Virtually everyone would probably instinctively experience a little mental shudder at the thought of it but for the most part would just shrug it off and carry on. However for as many as around 5-10% of the general population, fear of cancer becomes and remains embedded in the psyche.

Being overly afraid of cancer is, in terms of fears and phobias, different from the norm in so far as the actual cause of the phobia itself isn't of any particular relevance. There could be almost as many "causes" as there are people with the phobia.

Fears of cancer are based on feelings of having no control over the body and simply on fear itself, whereby the imagination has locked itself onto thoughts and images of cancer in the body, producing the effect of making the carcinophobic feel disproportionately afraid of the possibility of being diagnosed with it.

A particularly serious point about this which must be taken into account is the simple and widely acknowledged fact that if you're constantly visualizing something, you are effectively communicating that thought or image into your subconscious which is, in some respects, like an exceptionally powerful computer which will simply "follow instructions" and set about making the thought or image into a reality. In other words fears of cancer could actually create cancer.

It's quite possible that in some cases of otherwise healthy individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer that if an exaggerated fear of the disease was present in that person's psychological make up, then the subconscious may have been unintentionally encouraged - through the constant visualization of cancer - to cause the cellular changes required to start the disease off.

While on the one hand you can't catch cancer, on the other hand fear of it can be hard to avoid, unlike phobias like fear of flying, heights, snakes etc where the phobic can at least take steps to avoid the phobia trigger.

Overcoming Carcinophobia

Even if you are - as you should be - taking steps with regard to lifestyle, diet etc to minimize the risk of contracting cancer, a psychologically embedded and exaggerated fear of it will persist. This is because the imagination has magnified and intensified these feelings of fear which have overruled the relevance of the fact that you're not particularly likely - and with a healthy lifestyle and balance of mind and body are less likely - to actually get cancer.

The problem therefore lies with the thought patterns which stimulate the imagination to exaggerate fear about cancer in the first place.

With regard to this, hypnosis is ideally placed as a highly effective tool which can be used to deeply relax the mind and body, enabling the subconscious to become receptive to the positive suggestions and imagery which will soon eliminate the negative thought patterns which create and sustain carcinophobia, leaving you feeling relaxed and healthy, which in itself will promote and strengthen your actual health and vitality. Overcoming Fear of Cancer is an excellent hypnosis pc/mp3 download created specifically for just that purpose, and details are available here.

Overcome Fear of Cancer Hypnosis Download

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