Causes Of Low Self Esteem

Hypnosis for confidence can change the belief that the causes of low self esteem seem to transform into "real" beliefs. The causes might be real, but the belief that you should accept yourself as being unworthy because of them isn't. If you believe that you're generally unworthy it's not because you were born that way, it's because you've accepted the belief as being true. Therefore it's not actually the causes of low self esteem that need to be focused on, but your belief in their validity.

However it is always at least helpful to understand something about what these causes actually are.

What you've come to believe about yourself understandably makes you feel that it must be true because you, well, believe it to be true. A belief, however, is just that - a belief.

Many people used to firmly believe that the Earth was at the absolute centre of the Universe. They were sure that it was true because many authority figures had pronounced it be true and it seemed in some way to make sense so they absolutely believed that it was true. But ponder now on just how wrong that firm and sure belief actually was.

Your beliefs about yourself are derived from the experiences and impressions you've encountered in your past. If you've had significant experiences and impressions in your past - especially in the earlier years - which were negative and made you feel bad about yourself, then the beliefs which you accept as true and real about yourself may be negative too.

Significant experiences that you had in early life, in your childhood, in your home and family, in school and out in the wider world will have contributed largely to your overall "minds-eye" view of yourself.


Negative past experiences which can lead to the build up of a sense of low self esteem often involve frequent or consistent denigration of your abilities by parents, teachers or peers, where you've been told that  you're not good enough for this or that, or that you'd never amount to much because you lack ability generally.

Growing up as a member of a particular social grouping which, for whatever reason, has come to be viewed negatively by many in society can sometimes create a lasting sense of low self worth.

Physical and sexual abuse frequently produces the effect of making the victim feel worthless, helpless and possibly even responsible for it, which of course magnifies the feeling of poor self worth.

Consistent lack of affection, warmth and attention, especially from parents, will often cause a person to grow up thinking of themselves as unworthy of love and respect.

Because these negative experiences and feelings were imposed on the psyche in childhood and the early adolescent years, they were "imprinted" deeply. Many carry this imprint with them into adulthood. If you then start to think about improving yourself or your life in some way, for example applying for a job with a higher pay grade, or asking out some popular and attractive person, or taking on some challenging task or project, the "voice" that the negative imprint has almost immediately starts telling you that you don't have the ability, you don't have what it takes, that you'll fail anyway so why even bother trying.

Because of the apparent depth and inner authority of this voice, you're inclined to believe it, after all it's based on your past experience and what could be more true and real than that?

Wrong. You are a product not only of your past and upbringing but also of your own self-conditioning. If you "believe" that it's "true" that you're unworthy and likely to fail, then you will live your life as someone who is unworthy and likely to fail.

But why should that belief be any more true or real than any other belief, including the opposite belief? Because as a child you were made to feel inadequate? How does that actually make you inadequate in any real or true sense? It doesn't, of course, but the depth and power of your negative beliefs about yourself makes it feel as if it does.


If someone has been terrified of spiders since their childhood, how is it that hypnosis can completely remove that fear from their mind? It can do so for the same reason - and in broadly the same way - that it can transform a person's low self esteem to positive self esteem. The causes of low self esteem can indeed make you feel inferior, but there is no law of nature that says you must accept that you are or believe it to be true. Hypnosis is an effective means of enabling this change of belief because it reprograms the deep-seated thought processes and beliefs "imprinted" on the subconscious mind which are at the root of the problem. 

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