Overcome Chocolate Addictions
Using Self Hypnosis Downloads

For many people chocolate addictions and habituated chocolate consumption may seem to be a bit of a fuss about nothing, and even many health professionals don't regard it as an addiction as such, but for some the chocolate habit can virtually take over their lives. As any chocolate lover would point out chocolate, especially dark chocolate, does have certain health benefits when consumed in moderation.

But if you're consuming something like, say 300 grams every day - and in some cases chocolate addicts eat as much as 600 grams on some days - then something more than a harmless and controlled liking for chocolate is causing this.

Emotional eating - reaching for the comfort food - as a response to some form of stress or anxiety, is often what food and sugar addictions are based on. An excessive love of chocolate represents a sort of "targeted" version of this, whereby it's specifically chocolate that's being used as a self medication to combat underlying feelings of stress, boredom, anxiety or depression.

There's also a physical aspect to this, in that eating chocolate causes certain neural responses that release chemicals in the brain that help to create positive and satisfying feelings. When the subconscious mind begins to associate chocolate with positive feelings that - albeit temporarily - relieve negative emotions then the groundwork for a deeply ingrained behavior pattern has been laid.

This is why attempts to stop eating too much chocolate by just consciously telling yourself to stop rarely work in the longer term, because conscious commands on their own can't effectively override what has become a subconsciously based association.

Breaking Chocolate Addictions

The key to overcoming it and breaking the habit therefore lies in reframing the thought patterns that build up to create a link between eating chocolate and finding relief from some sort of negative emotion. This can be achieved through hypnosis/self hypnosis, whereby through relaxation and positive suggestion a positive and constructive way of dealing with stress or anxiety can be instilled in the mind, while simultaneously changing for the better the way that you feel and think about chocolate itself. Not in such a way that you'll find it repellent or disgusting, but in a way that will equip you with a "take it or leave it" attitude, leaving addiction to chocolate behind you. Hypnosis Downloads have produced an excellent pc/mp3 download which does just that, and further details are available here.

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