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The cause and symptoms of claustrophobia can be relieved by claustrophobia hypnosis because no matter how powerful and intense the claustrophobia symptoms may seem to be, they have a purely psychological basis and can therefore be not only relieved but successfully eliminated through hypnosis due to its focus on not only symptoms but also on what causes claustrophobia.

What Is Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is commonly seen as involving a fear of closed spaces, often accompanied by a fear of suffocation, relating to situations involving for example locked rooms, basements, tunnels, - especially underground ones - elevators, aeroplanes and cars. Physical symptoms can include hyperventilation, perspiration and a nauseous feeling.

Claustrophobia can originally develop, often but not always in childhood, as a result of some deeply unsettling experience such as finding yourself trapped in a small and confined space. If an individual is of a nervous disposition an experience like this can bring on a powerful panic attack which leaves an ingrained response pattern, thereby programming the subconscious to respond with fear, anxiety and panic in any future situation resembling the original experience, leaving the individual with an ongoing fear of and strong aversion to any course of action which may lead to finding him/herself in an enclosed space of some sort.

The bad news is that claustrophobia undoubtedly has a very negative effect on the lives of those who are living with it, and there is no instant or overnight cure for more serious forms of the condition.

The good news is that hypnosis/self hypnosis has been shown many times to be an effective means of alleviating and often eventually eliminating the condition altogether, through an ongoing program using visualization, whereby twice a day for 5-10 minutes each time the claustrophobic relaxes and visualizes him/her self remaining calm and composed while in a situation which would otherwise cause a claustrophobic reaction, and positive suggestions through the use of a relevant hypnosis download.

Through hypnosis for claustrophobia the subconscious is gently but effectively reprogrammed in such a way that the fear and panic response to enclosed spaces prompted by claustrophobia is gradually overcome and neutralized, ultimately leaving you able to relax and take in your stride situations which previously would have provoked fear and alarm in the psyche.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads for Claustrophobia Treatment

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