Cocaine Addiction Help

Hypnosis can help significantly with cocaine addiction help because through hypnosis the thought processes and impulses which sustain the urge to use cocaine can be neutralised, ultimately leaving you basically indifferent to it. Any other form of treatment for cocaine addiction which leaves you struggling with recurring cravings has not been entirely successful. Many people assume that because relapse is fairly common then there can be no form of cocaine addiction help which overcomes it completely, however addiction to cocaine is largely in the mind, and if "the mind", i.e. thoughts, impulses, feelings about cocaine can be changed in such a way that cocaine becomes no longer desirable then, quite simply, you will no longer have any interest in it or desire for it.

Some Facts About Cocaine

What today is known as cocaine was first extracted from coca leaves in 1859 by chemist Albert Niemann. By the 1880's it had started to become used on a small scale by people like doctors and chemists. In 1886 coca leaves were included in the first formula used to produce Coca Cola. It was subsequently removed from the formula in 1903. Wider use of cocaine throughout the general public began to become apparent between 1895 and 1910.

Cocaine produces the effect of stimulating pleasure centres in the brain causing feelings of confidence, energy, mental alertness and euphoria. However the high is quite short-lived and is often followed by a sort of deflated feeling. Frequent come-downs as a result of habitual use are often accompanied by feelings of depression and irritability.

Signs Of Cocaine Addiction

Some of the signs indicating a cocaine habit are loss of sense of smell, sometimes temporary, sometimes not, a frequently runny nose, sinus problems, nosebleeds, fluctuations in heart rate, loss of appetite, contracted blood vessels and inability to sleep well. Also, in most cases, financial problems begin to emerge. Sexual dysfunction in varying degrees is also not uncommon.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

While heroin is both physically and psychologically addictive,  cocaine in its basic powdered form is not physically addictive. The addiction does of course produce physical symptoms but not for the same reason or in the same way that heroin does. Cocaine is psychologically habit forming but the psychological addiction can be extremely powerful, though perhaps not quite as devastating in its implications as addiction to crack cocaine or crystal meth usually is.

Withdrawal from cocaine, especially sudden and unexpected withdrawal from a heavy habit, will lead to aching muscles, trembling and perspiring, fatigue and exhaustion. Psychologically feelings of depression, irritability and paranoia are common.

Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine is very nimble and fleet in the way that it can get under your skin psychologically. Firstly, it's widely seen as being less potentially harmful than opiates. Secondly, many people see the effects as being so positive and even useful, i.e. energy, mental alertness etc, that they are more prepared to take the risk. Thirdly, since the beginning of what today we would think of as "the drug culture" - circa 1920's - cocaine always had something of an aura of exclusivity around it. Ergo if lots of smart rich people use it then what could possibly be wrong with it?

The cocaine habit is in some ways similar to the smoking habit. Psychologically its attachment becomes very strong and can be seemingly difficult if not impossible to break. 

That, however, would be to underestimate the power of your mind if it has desire and will behind it. Got a cocaine habit and strongly desire to break free from it? Of course you can. You can actually do just about anything  if you really want to, including overcoming a destructive habit no matter how deeply ingrained it is.

If you want to overcome addiction to cocaine consider using hypnosis, perhaps in combination with medical and/or counselling help, to reprogram your deepest thought processes and impulses about cocaine. Any effective cocaine addiction help must primarily focus on the psychological factor, and in this regard hypnosis is ideal.

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