Overcoming Commitment Phobia With Self Hypnosis Downloads

The root causes of commitment issues and commitment phobia are often expressed through anxiety in relation to decision making, feeling overwhelmed by the various positive and negative consequences which could result from your decision. Aside from commitment phobia, it's obviously best to think through the possible implications of any major step you're considering taking - entering into a long term relationship commitment with someone, or whether or not to move abroad and start a new career, for example.

But if you're constantly afraid of commitment and over anxious about how things are going to turn out, you become trapped in a circle of procrastination and fear of consequences, ultimately leaving you with nothing gained or achieved and having missed out on that potentially life changing relationship or work/business opportunity.

Fears or phobias about commitment to a relationship can be expressed in various different ways. A deeply rooted fear or phobia about commitment can cause the commitment phobic to unconsciously sabotage relationships by, for example, ostentatiously flirting with other people in front of the person with whom they're in a relationship with, or by deliberately or unconsciously being difficult or overly critical of their partner.

Sometimes fear over commitment is expressed through a fruitless and impossible insistence on finding Mr or Ms Perfect, so as to ensure that the dreaded "day of commitment" never arrives.

Also a tendency to seek relationships with people who are in some way or other unattainable - perhaps married - is sometimes exhibited, which is another way of unconsciously ensuring that long term commitment will not become a reality.

Commitment fear is often based either on a negative childhood experience of marital breakdown and parental divorce, or on a subtle variety of self esteem problem whereby the phobic - who might be successful in other areas of life - believes on some deep level that they are not or will not be good enough as a committed partner in a long term relationship.

Fears about commitment - especially in their more established and ongoing form - will ultimately cause you to be left alone in life, with nothing but a collection of unfulfilled hopes and dreams and the regret and frustration of so many missed opportunities.

Commitment Phobia Hypnosis

If you're afraid of making commitments in life and relationships, you can start to change that destiny today. Phobia of or over-aversion to commitment is a condition with its roots in the nature of your conscious thoughts about relationships, and hypnosis/self hypnosis is both ideal and highly effective as a tool which can be used to train the conscious mind to visualize and impress on the subconscious positive thoughts and images of yourself in a fulfilling and lasting relationship. Hypnosis Downloads have created an excellent pc/mp3 download specifically themed to address and neutralize the problem in just this way, details of which are available here.

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