How to Control Food Cravings and Achieve Natural Weight Loss

By using self hypnosis techniques to control food cravings you're setting yourself on the road to successful and permanent weight loss with what is likely the best weight loss plan there is. That can be said because weight loss using hypnosis has been consistently shown to be achievable by anyone who is sufficiently motivated. Learning to successfully control food cravings on a permanent basis involves training your conscious mind to consistently send positive weight loss related thoughts and images to your subconscious and also taking some practical steps to help you along the way.

First of all though let's take a quick look at some of the factors and situations which can make it seem difficult to control food cravings on a long term basis. Stress, boredom and depression are emotional factors which can make you think that reaching for the comfort food will provide a solution.

These emotional/psychological factors can also interact with some more physical causes of cravings such as blood sugar imbalance, which can be caused by eating too many carbohydrates and also by trying to go too long between meals. Attempting to stick to a severe low calorie diet regime will also cause fluctuations in the blood sugar levels which in turn will encourage food cravings.

Practical Steps

Eat regularly. Never, if possible, skip breakfast and never if possible go more than 3 or 4 hours without eating something. It's well recognised that in regions of the world where obesity is relatively uncommon people tend to eat smaller quantities of food a bit more frequently. Over the course of a day you should be aiming to consume a minimum of around 1200 - 1300 calories.

Avoid - as far as it's possible - refined and processed foods. As you begin to integrate self hypnosis into your day to day routine and the relationship between your subconscious and food begins to improve, you'll start to notice yourself naturally gravitating towards healthier and non fattening options such as fruit, vegetables, wholewheat, fresh meat or fish (if applicable) and noticeably less towards things like high fat processed meat products, candy, donuts, ice cream etc.

If these healthier options seem boring that's simply because your taste has become used to excessive and dangerous quantities of additives like salt and sugar. Prepare for cravings by making a point of keeping some fruit or unsalted nuts around and eat them instead. You'll find that the craving will have gone in about 10 minutes and you also won't have the feeling of guilt and weakness that always comes with giving in to a sweet/junk food craving. Drinking water also helps to alleviate cravings.

Change your day to day routine if necessary to avoid places, situations where you know temptation exists i.e. take an alternative route if you have to pass a bakery or sweet shop.

Try a little exercise when you've got a craving. It will dispel the illusory craving quickly and instead of feeling guilty you'll feel like giving yourself a well deserved pat on the back.

Start to keep a food diary and note down everything you eat, and also make a note of how you're feeling in the lead up to and during cravings. This helps to identify psychological triggers that can make it seem hard for you to control food cravings and will give you an objective bird's eye view of the mental processes that are at work in your mind at these times, thereby strengthening your ability to deal with them. Try not to eat without thinking about it. Thinking about eating when you're eating helps you to listen to your body and you will hear it trying to tell you when you've had enough.

If you have a craving, stop to ask yourself if you really are hungry. Often you'll realise that you're not actually physically hungry, and you'll know that you're seeking a way of dealing with an emotional problem. Start to focus on dealing with the emotional problem instead.

Self Hypnosis and Controlling Food Cravings

Practical steps to weight loss such as those outlined above will be more effectively implemented when backed up with a genuine appreciation of what your mind is actually capable of. You have within you the power to change any aspect of yourself or your life that you really want to, not just control food cravings.

The key to that power lies in your subconscious. By learning to relax - relaxation is in a sense the gateway to the subconscious - you can make yourself more receptive to the benefits of weight loss related hypnosis downloads and/or affirmations. It's true to say that your subconscious mind has the potential to be the best weight loss supplement available, and it's by this understanding that so many people have already learned to control food cravings and successfully achieve weight loss by hypnosis in recent years.

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