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Couples Arguing

Understanding the real cause of tension in relationships could stop couples arguing and help significantly towards maintaining healthy relationships. There have, however, probably been couples arguing since the dawn of civilization and arguments are fairly common in all sorts of relationships, in fact some couples seem to enjoy it, and there would be something almost peculiar about a couple who never argued about anything. Sometimes though, arguments between couples become frequent and angry and relationship rescue is needed.

One positive way to start with this is not think in terms of trying to stop arguments altogether, but to find better ways of dealing with them as they start. This is best realised by gaining an understanding of what it is that you're really arguing about and why.

Superficially it may be about any of the usual things, money, sex, kids, what one sees as the other's bad habits, and of course the reasons for couples arguing can be exactly these things, but equally often there are underlying tensions bubbling away which are triggered by something more apparently obvious such as one of the above, but which cause the argument to escalate into a full blown row.

If it's clear that a couple have become an angry couple and have grown far apart and ended up in an impossible situation with no longer any mutual love or even common interests or friends, and especially if there are no children involved, they should simply part as amicably as they can.

However when an otherwise worthwhile and valued relationship is threatened because a couple feel that they can't stop arguing, it's definitely a pity. Sometimes the couple will split then reunite, only to find that after a while they're arguing again, and then finally call it a day but still miss each other, and are left wondering why it "has to be" this way.

There are arguments and there are arguments. If you complain to your partner that he/she has for example spent too much on something and say "I think you've spent too much on that" that's one thing. If however in the same situation you instead say to him/her "You haven't got a clue how to manage money" then you are in a sense "attacking" their whole being and personality, and this has the potential to take the argument to a much more difficult and acrimonious level.

In these situations, anger takes over from clear thinking, and anger, with the exception of actual hatred, is the most harmful and poisonous of human emotions. When arguing couples allow anger to take over, "logic" goes to the winds, and both become more interested in being seen to be in the right as a pose to to actually being in the right, even when to any objective outsider both are clearly in the wrong, as is sometimes the case.

When a couple arguing becomes a couple feeling intense anger at each other, nothing is going to be solved or put right, and there will be no real winner, perhaps only two losers.

So how can a couple who have an emotional bond but also have a volatile chemistry which keeps resulting in rows which threaten the relationship keep things on an even keel?

Hypnosis and Relationships

Relationship tensions which eventually lead to couples arguing over one thing or another are often really based on doubts that one partner may - perhaps unconsciously - have about how much the other partner really values them.

We all have an "inner child" somewhere who needs - at least sometimes - to be able to feel loved and secure.

When an individual, or both individuals, have had painful and negative experiences in the past which have left a deep but perhaps hidden impression, this can create unconscious feelings of self doubt, insecurity and a fear of rejection which will eventually be expressed one way or another in a close relationship. This leads to tensions and arguments, sometimes seemingly over nothing of any real importance.

Hypnosis is a proven method of dealing with and positively "reprogramming" these negative subconscious thought patterns which can lead to couples arguing and damage or end relationships. The difference between ending a relationship or saving a relationship and the solution to a couples arguing is entirely within the subconscious power of the couple or individual involved, and through hypnosis that subconscious power can be put into beneficial and lasting effect.

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