Using Creative Visualization
And The Power Of Imagination

The hidden abilities of the subconscious can be accessed through creative visualization because the subconscious is naturally receptive to and responds naturally to the language of images and symbols. There is a school of thought which believes that this is some way connected with man's pre linguistic history and that may or may not be so, but the important point is that your subconscious is incredibly powerful and that through creative visualization that power can be guided towards eventually manifesting as reality in your life the image being visualized, especially after you've honed your visualizing ability with visualization exercises.

Creative Visualization

It's important to bear in mind - with regard to the previous page on relaxation - that you need to be quite deeply relaxed for this to work. So let's just assume that you've gone through the relaxation process and are sitting or lying down very comfortably and physically and mentally relaxed. Let's also just assume that the issue or problem you want to deal with and overcome relates to a lack of social confidence and self belief. It could be virtually anything, stress and anxiety, smoking, sexuality, fear of flying or whatever, for the sake of this instruction just imagine it's confidence.

Now that you're significantly relaxed and with your eyes closed, begin to fill your mind with an image of yourself in some social situation. See - visualize - yourself as confidently and assuredly holding conversations and discussions with friends, acquaintances and others. Just completely ignore any thoughts like "That couldn't be me" or "I'm just not like that" which may try to intrude into the imagery you're evoking. Dismiss them from your mind and refocus on the image of the confident and self assured version of yourself. The subconscious doesn't "care" whether or not the conscious mind believes something to be actually real or imagined.

Some people take to the practice of visualization like ducks to water, and can almost right from the first time visualize clear and sharp imagery in their minds, and can also maintain focus with hardly any mental effort. Others - probably around 50-60% - find that their ability improves with practice.

If required, keep making the mental effort - but without mentally straining too much - to maintain your mental focus on this image of yourself as being a socially confident, relaxed and assured person. Invest some emotion and feeling into it, whereby you're feeling as well as visualizing yourself as being this confident and socially successful version of yourself.

Also see and feel it as something that's happening right now, not as something that you hope or wish to come about in the future. If you visualize something as happening in the future then it will probably forever remain just out of your reach.

Lose youself in the imagery, letting your imagination roam freely as you see yourself in different situations with different people, always seeing and feeling yourself as being if perhaps not quite the center of but always an active and confident participant in any social situation. Again you may find your mind wandering into unrelated areas, again just gently but firmly refocus.

Over the first few sessions you might find yourself developing a preference for either a free association type visualization, where your imagination takes you spontaneously into new and varied situations, or alternatively you may prefer to develop a sort of creative visualization script, whereby you've mentally created a sequence of fixed images of yourself in particular settings, and you run this sequence through your mind each time you practice creative visualization. Some people find the latter technique easier, it's just a matter of deciding which method you're most comfortable with, or using a combination of both. Let's assume that you now have the imagery and feeling associated with it clearly focused in your mind, it's now time to move on to the visualization and affirmations phase of the process.

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