How Your Definition
Of Prosperity Can Define
You As A Person

Definition Of Prosperity

True abundance and prosperity in relation to your definition of prosperity follows on from the development and creation of a prosperity mindset and also by understanding what it is that you really want in relation to money and of how you plan to acquire it. Understanding what your definition of prosperity really is will help you to overcome indecision when you're trying to decide the best way forward for you in relation to finding true happiness and of how to create what you really think of as being wealth and security.

Your Definition Of Prosperity

In light of events in the world economy many people are now thinking long and hard about what real prosperity really means.

How any given individual would define prosperity depends on the mindset of that individual. All the different individual opinions on what prosperity is tend to coalesce broadly into two camps, those who see wealth and prosperity as purely material and as something primarily for the benefit of them and their families, and those who think of prosperity in the wider social context and as something to benefit the whole of society.

Many of the latter group also tend to see prosperity and success as being measured by, for example, being able to spend more time with family, or perhaps by being willing - or able - to accept lower pay for work that is fulfilling and creative against higher pay for work that is a stressful grind.

Whatever your view is, prosperity needn't necessarily be just all about money, although it is of course an integral part of it. According to a dictionary definition, prosperity is "a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune."

Clearly it leans toward emphasis on the financial, but neither is it saying that money and money alone equates to "prosperity".

Money can't buy love, though it can buy an impersonation of it, for what that's worth. Money can buy education, but not wisdom, and, in some circumstances the loss of money leads to wisdom. Money can buy luxury and self indulgence, but not necessarily happiness. Some wealthy people are stressed and unhappy individuals for whom the actual benefits and pleasures of wealth have become meaningless. Money can buy power and influence, but money in and of itself doesn't always bring personal fulfillment.

None of the above is intended to deflect attention from the benefits of money and wealth, but is simply a reminder that money is often used - unsuccessfully - in an attempt to fill an emotional void, and that when defining prosperity and what it really means to you it would be useful to bear this in mind.

What Would You Really Do If...

To formulate your own definition of prosperity, ask yourself if you'd rather be poor but happy or rich but unhappy, but without any fantasy add-ons such as, for example, I'd be rich and unhappy but then "make" myself happy as well. Life just isn't like that. It's of course a completely hypothetical question, but imagine that you had to choose between one or the other, for, as far you knew, the rest of your life. Think about your true answer, and listen deep down to your inner talk, for that's where you'll find what it is that you really want to do in relation to money and happiness. The world is full of people who think that the acquisition of wealth would be the answer to all of their problems, when, in some cases, it turns out to be just the beginning of them.

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