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The fear of dentists and dentist phobia can be two somewhat different things. A dental phobia is not the same as having a certain amount of anxiety while preparing for a visit to the dentist. Many people would experience a twinge of fear or anxiety in this situation, particularly if they knew that an extraction or the use of a drill is going to be involved. However an actual phobia causes this level of apprehension to increase considerably.

The symptoms of severe dental phobia can manifest not only, for example, in proximity to a dentist's surgery, but as a conditioned response to anything dental related such as TV adverts for oral or teeth related products, conversations about dentists and/or toothache - anything associated with dental matters which causes the individual's thought processes to touch upon the deep seated core of the phobia itself.

Causes of Dental Phobia

It's estimated that many dental phobias are created as a result of previously having had some kind of deeply negative experience at a dentist's, particularly in childhood. A botched extraction, for instance, or even some sort of insensitive remark by a dentist with poor patient communication skills, can leave a strongly negative impression on a young and sensitive mind.

It also has to be said that the media, particularly with reference to some childrens' cartoons and stories has, in some instances, projected quite a scary and negative image of dentistry in general.

Fear or Phobia

If you feel that you'd rather let a toochache get worse than go to the dentist's then to some extent at least you have a phobia of dentists and dentistry. If you start to experience typical phobic reactions such as accelerated heartbeat, sweating and the all consuming sense of fear and oncoming panic that comes with the thought of being confronted by one of your deepest fears - perhaps your deepest fear - then it's safe to say that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Dentist Phobia Hypnosis

No matter how flippant or trite it may sound, the fact is that phobias about dentistry are indeed all in the mind. There is no other basis or foundation for it other than the psychological one.

That is actually very good news because it means that through hypnosis/self hypnosis the thought patterns and mental associations that have built up in your mind around dentistry and which have created and sustained the phobia can be addressed and dealt with in such a positive way that soon you'll be able to make an appointment to see a dentist whenever necessary without any fear or apprehension whatsoever, before or during the procedure.

Your mind created a dentist phobia and your mind - helped by self hypnosis mp3 downloads - can just as easily eliminate it.

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