Dealing With
Depression And Overeating

It's true that depression and overeating are often linked and when they are it can create what feels like a particularly difficult situation. The two conditions are almost made for each other - depression can lead to overeating and vice versa - and it's very easy to see how the two can mutually sustain each other and develop into a downward spiral for the person who becomes seemingly locked into a cycle of depression and overeating. Attempts at strict diet regimes and all of the quick weight loss tips in the world would be virtually useless in this situation. The root cause of the depression has to be addressed first.

Although it's of course true that a person in this situation could find within themselves the power to deal with and eliminate depression and overeating from their minds and lives, anyone in this predicament should, as a first step, immediately seek professional medical/clinical help.

Depression And Overeating

There can be strong parallels between binge eating and depression. Depression can be caused by some form of neurochemical disturbance but is more often brought about by unaddressed personal issues relating to for example stress or low self esteem. Comfort food can start to become what the sufferer sees as their friend, providing a temporary lift away from the real root of the problem, and the depressed person, not wanting to be confronted again by the real cause of their depression, finds him or her self reaching again and again for what has now become a kind of medication.

This can quite easily spiral out of control whereby the person starts to frequently consume large quantities of unhealthy food, often in secret, with all the attendant problems including significant weight gain coming into play. This then contributes to and compounds feelings of depression, guilt and low self esteem leading to further eating binges.

There may be periodic lifts from the depression during which he or she may find themselves eager to try out various fad or crash diets and may even, for a couple of weeks or so, manage to stick to them and even lose a little weight, but as long as the core problem remains unaddressed there is very little - if any - possibility of their ultimately being successful in the longer term.

Steps to Recovery

The first thing to do, as stated previously, is to consult a doctor or other health professional. Bear in mind though, that ultimately the resolution of your problem will come from within you.

Learn to start thinking positively about yourself. Although that may sound flippant or trite, it's your negative thinking about yourself that is delusional, not the other way around. There's just no getting away from the fact that you're an amazing and unique individual, and you should start to treat yourself accordingly.

Start to devote around 20-30 minutes every day or evening as your personal private time when you're going to get very comfortable and relaxed and use self hypnosis in the form of positive affirmations or relevant hypnosis downloads to begin getting through to your subconscious the strength of your desire to beat depression and overeating and rediscover the real you.

Start to keep a food journal and note down everything that you eat, and also record your emotional feelings at these times. So long as you're honest and diligent about it, this will help to clarify in your mind the connections between "moods and foods" which ultimately makes it easier to identify and deal with the root problem.

Remember that nothing really worthwhile comes about without some degree of effort. After all, weight loss exercise programs involve, well, exercise. Overcoming depression and overeating, however, is more a matter of the mind than of the body, and exercise alone wouldn't work because unless you were in the right mindset you wouldn't stick to it. Getting on top of depression and overeating involves making a day by day conscious effort to fill your mind with life-affirming positive feelings and thoughts about yourself and how great you're going to feel and look when you've succeeded with your depression cure and weight loss program. By using self hypnosis to train your conscious mind into the habit of sending positive thoughts and imagery to your subconscious, you'll soon find that your all powerful subconscious is making these positive thoughts and images a reality in your life.

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