How Dog Phobia Can Be
Erased Through Hypnosis

Fears which sustain dog phobia are known to have been successfully dealt with and resolved through hypnosis in thousands of cases in the US alone. This phobia - aka cynophobia - can be acquired/developed in several different ways. One person with a powerful and deeply embedded fear of dogs - who was later cured - developed the phobia initially through having seen, while in a vulnerable and suggestible state of mind, police/medical photographs of a child who had been attacked by a dog which had been trained for aggression by its human owner.

The woman who had been unwisely shown these photographs had never previously had any particularly negative or positive feelings towards dogs, but the images got "locked" into her psyche and - quite unusually it must be said - she developed a generalized and intense dislike of and fear of all dogs.

More often, the phobia of dogs will develop as a result of having actually been attacked by an aggressive or frightened dog, or having witnessed such an attack, often in childhood, and having been unable to adequately "process" the experience through the psyche thereby inadvertently planting the seed of an exaggerated fear of or phobia about dogs.

Generally speaking dogs if under responsible and caring ownership are loyal and playful creatures, though caution, especially where young children are concerned, should always be exercised.

Dog phobias, as a pose to being mildly apprehensive around them, can put real restrictions and limits on life quality. Entrenched and intense fears about dogs can mean that you could for example be afraid to take a walk in the park, or visit friends or relatives who keep a dog. It can even affect some careers, in that some jobs involve visiting clients at home where the advances of a curious and playful dog would cause fear and alarm in the cynophobic thereby severely limiting their ability to perform their task adequately.

In some cases even hearing a dog bark or seeing an image of a dog on TV can be enough to trigger phobic reactions.

These phobic symptoms occur because the subconscious has "learned" to associate all dogs with the original fear and distress provoked by the incident through which the phobia was created.

Dog Phobia Hypnosis

With regard to alleviating fear around dogs, the primary value of hypnosis and self hypnosis lies in its effectiveness - through imagery and suggestion - in training the conscious mind to alter its thought patterns and associations about dogs which are ultimately responsible for the phobia of dogs, and replacing these deeply habituated or learned patterns of negative thought and association with relaxed and positive ones. This will enable you to see and react to dogs in a normal and balanced way, free of the irrational fears and restrictions that the phobia had previously imposed on you. More info about a hypnosis download created with this purpose in mind is available here.

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