How Driving Phobias and
Driving Fear Can Be Eliminated

Using hypnotherapy and/or self hypnosis to remove driving phobias has a remarkable track record of success. This is fundamentally because this phobia and also fear of driving generally has a strongly identifiable psychological basis which readily lends itself to effective treatment through hypnosis, by means of the way in which it can be used to replace negative thought patterns which the phobia or fear feeds on.

Driving fears and phobias can cause not only inconvenience but can also be downright life-limiting. Even more inconvenient than feeling unable to drive in an urban environment would be feeling unable to drive if you lived in a rural or semi rural location.

Driving phobia manifests in different ways. Some people who have had some kind of panic attack or accident in the past while driving have found themselves unable to get past the fear and anxiety that this event created, and now unconsciously relate any kind of driving related activity with this initial fear/anxiety response. In extreme cases this can result in the individual feeling unable to even sit in an unmoving car.

Some people feel reasonably relaxed while driving themselves on roads or routes that they're familiar with, but become anxious and afraid if someone else is driving, or if they have to go on to unfamiliar routes.

Some people feel unable to drive at night or in poor weather conditions, but are otherwise fairly relaxed about driving. Others feel OK about driving in light traffic or quiet roads, but are terrified of the prospect of joining busy motorways, approaching busy roundabouts etc.

Some phobias about driving are based purely on the fear that other drivers may cause an accident, and so can relax only when driving on quiet roads.

Also of course are drivers who have just passed their test and are anxious about going out into busy traffic for the first time on their own. This is a standard rite of passage for all new drivers, the vast majority of whom soon lose their anxiety, so this therefore couldn't be categorized as a phobic reaction as such.

However the other scenarios alluded to above can be 1)at the least detrimental to life quality and 2)at worst dangerous. If you tense up and become anxious and fearful and then begin to experience phobic symptoms while out on the road, you're posing a serious risk to yourself and others. Two very good reasons for making a firm and clear decision to get to the bottom of and then erase driving fears from your mental landscape.

Driving Phobias Hypnosis

As mentioned previously, driving phobias have a purely psychological basis. Basically this means that any phobias and fears which have been created in and by the mind can be just as easily disposed of by the mind. The best - and safest - way to do this is by either booking a series of hypnotherapy sessions and/or absorbing the driving fears hypnosis download, a recommended download/mp3 produced by Hypnosis Downloads. Depending on the extent or severity of the phobia, anywhere between one listening session to daily and/or nightly listening sessions for a few weeks, preferably at night as you're going to sleep, will significantly reduce the level or intensity of the fear, ultimately leaving you free to use the roads in a safe and relaxed manner.

!!!Never listen to the download while driving!!!

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