How Fear Of Heights Hypnosis
Can Beat Fear Of Heights

To change core beliefs about heights with fear of heights hypnosis in such a way as to completely lose the fear has been successfully accomplished in numerous cases. This works because it addresses and then neutralizes the real fears which lie at the root of the phobia of heights.

Fear of heights phobia - aka acrophobia - can vary in its degree of severity. In some cases you may find yourself avoiding visiting people who live on higher floors, being unable to work on higher floors, flying, even using a ladder.

It's perfectly natural to experience a degree of apprehension in certain situations involving heights, for example the number of people who wouldn't be concerned about cleaning windows on the 30th floor of a skyscraper is probably relatively small, but acrophobia fear of heights takes this natural apprehension to an irrational and life limiting level.

Though some of the symptoms are similar, fear heights phobia shouldn't be confused with vertigo, which is more of a medical condition.

Someone with a heights phobia could experience an all consuming sense of panic and terror if, for example, they found themselves nearing the edge of the roof of a tall building or having to climb a ladder whereas the normal reaction would be one of "I need to be careful here but it's ok".

As with phobias in general, the phobia about heights is "learned" subconsciously, perhaps as a result of some distressing or frightening experience which has left a strong impression and has become linked with situations involving heights.

Fear Of Heights Hypnosis

The key to overcoming heights fear lies within a combination of relaxation, suggestion, visualization and desensitization. Physical and mental relaxation opens the subconscious to the benefits of positive suggestions and visualization, whereby the acrophobic visualizes him/her self as being and feeling calm and relaxed in some heights related situation which would otherwise cause the phobic reaction. This technique should be practiced twice a day for 5-10 minutes each time.

The benefits of positive suggestion can be combined with visualization through the daily and/or nightly use of one of the fear of heights hypnosis mp3 downloads. In many cases this is actually most effective at night as you're going to sleep. The consistent use of these techniques for at least a few weeks - depending on the severity of the phobia - will establish within your mind the lessening and eventual elimination of the negative thought patterns and mental imagery associated with heights, as a result of which you'd find yourself amazed at how such an irrational fear could have held such power over you.

At that point you could begin to confirm your desentisization by for example standing on a chair, then moving on to climb a medium height ladder, and so on.

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