Overcome Fear of Snakes
Using Self Hypnosis

The root of the irrational fear of snakes becomes established in the mind because the subconscious "learns" to associate snakes in the mind with fear, terror, anxiety, whatever negative emotion it was that strongly impressed itself on your psyche when snake fear began to develop and grow within your mind.

There are over 2,000 species of snake in the world, and they have been occupying their rightful place in the ecosystem since time immemorial. However snake phobia is one of the more common phobias, and can affect people who never normally come into actual contact with them.

It's kind of easy to see why, in that the very word "snake" has an inbuilt tendency to provoke some sort of not very positive reaction in many peoples' minds. Also the fact that they slither along the ground can create a similar instinctive response.

Nevertheless, by and large, many snakes are harmless and, as already mentioned, like all other creatures they have their rightful place in the scheme of things.

So if perhaps as a result of some unpleasant or frightening past experience with a snake, you find that your aversion to snakes is encroaching negatively on your life quality - and is holding the potential to "spread" throughout your mind to build up a fear of all reptiles - what do you do about it?

Until relatively recently, it was assumed that some form of desensitization therapy, involving more or less forcing the snake phobic to be amongst (presumably harmless) snakes, was the only treatment which may or may not work.

No doubt in some cases it did work, but it would have been a traumatic and painful experience for the patient. In other cases the therapy wouldn't have been successful, possibly even intensifying the individual's snake fear.

And of course some snake phobics would have been simply unable to undergo this kind of shock treatment and would have flatly refused to participate.

Fear Of Snakes Hypnosis

It's now acknowledged that fear of and strong aversion to snakes, like all phobias, has its roots in "learned" thought patterns and that the cure lies in getting to and altering these thought patterns which relate to snakes, and thereby removing the fear element of the individual's mind-view of snakes - but of course maintaining an awareness that some snakes are dangerous.

Hypnosis Downloads have run hypnotherapy sessions which have successfully freed many people from snake phobias and they have also created an excellent pc/mp3 download, info about which is available below, which has also helped many individuals completely overcome this problem.

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