Female Orgasm Tips

You can change your life with female orgasm tips and by using hypnosis to boost your self esteem and sexual confidence. By combining these practical tips with a psychological tool like hypnosis you can change your self image and your sex life forever. Barring any physical cause, the reasons why many women do not enjoy the best female orgasms are purely psychological. Of course being in an uncomfortable relationship is another cause, but that's something only the individual can deal with. Here it's assumed that you're in some sort of reasonably stable and equitable relationship and are simply looking for ways to improve your sex life and/or boost your self image. 

Female Orgasm Tips

When you become sexually stimulated you naturally become a little moist. By adding a little lube to yourself and perhaps your partner's penis you find that things go even more smoothly and thus satisfyingly.

The clitoris, which is what would have developed into a penis had you been male, is central to sexual stimulation for women. Of course it's not only the clitoris but it is one of the main factors involved. Therefore you need to look at ways of directly stimulating it, and at least some of the more commonly employed sexual positions do not necessarily afford that opportunity. 

If you're not already fully familiarised with it, you should explore and self-stimulate your own clitoris so as to get to know it and learn about its sexual potential and what turns you on best.

Part of learning about how to achieve female orgasm involves knowing what positions are best for you. A technique known as coital alignment technique (CAT) has actually been documented on by researchers and has been found to make reaching orgasm easier for many women. In this position the male partner moves his body forward and upward, meaning that his shoulders are beyond or above the woman's shoulders, instead of being roughly aligned with each other. This is a version of the missionary position but in which the man's head and shoulders are about seven or eight inches further up the bed than the woman's.

The significant effect of this is that the penis doesn't fully penetrate the vagina but instead the penis is rubbed more effectively against the clitoris itself, making reaching orgasm easier and more likely. Also, instead of thrusting - which anyway could be a bit difficult in that position - both partners kind of grind or rub the pelvises together.  

Another position involves the man lying on his back while the woman faces away from him and prepares to sit down on the penis. As it gradually enters her vagina she slowly moves back till she is lying on her back facing upwards on the front of his body. This way the clitoris gets direct stimulation from the penis and she can also touch it easily should she want to.

Basically it's a question of familiarising yourself with your clitoris and then through trial and error and experiment you and your partner can find which positions are best for giving direct stimulation to the clitoris.

Everything, it has been said, is all in the mind. This applies to sex and orgasms as much as anything else. The clitoris is the organ that broadly represents sexual stimulation for women, however the mind and the imagination is the "organ" that is the ultimate source of that sexual stimulation. A clitoris - or a penis - with no mind and imagination behind it could never be stimulated.

This goes both ways. If your mind and imagination is working against you, in other words if you feel, think and believe that you're not attractive or desirable and that you can't climax, then it's not surprising that your sex life will suffer. 

Whether you have a negative self image and consequently low libido or whether you simply want to spice up your sex life hypnosis can be used to help you change your thinking about yourself for the better or simply as a kind of psychological sex aid.

Therefore one of the most important female orgasm tips involves understanding that the better you emotionally and psychologically feel about yourself, the easier it will be for you to achieve orgasm. Hypnosis Downloads.com have years of experience in dealing with this and they have created an excellent audio hypnosis download specifically geared towards helping women feel better about themselves and achieve orgasm more easily. Details and info are available through the following link. 

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