G-Spot Stimulation
And G Spot Orgasms

G Spot Stimulation

The capacity for erotic pleasure through g-spot stimulation exists to a significant extent as far as the imagination allows it to. Self hypnosis can be used to unlock your hidden potential to give and receive sexually memorable experiences by intensifying the sexual imagination and developing the intuitive ability to know just what you and your partner want. Specifically with regard to g-spot stimulation though the questions for some are - does the g spot actually exist and if so where is the g spot?

Female G Spot

Many in the medical community do not believe that the g spot exists, while others - and countless women - do. With experimentation you can make up your own mind. The G, or Grafenberg Spot, named after the researcher who first documented its potential for erotic stimulation, is regarded as the female equivalent of the prostate gland, and is said to be located at the top of the vagina, around 3 or 4 cms inside. Try to feel it by placing a finger inside the vagina and feeling for the prominent or ridge like area just just behind the pubic bone and around the urethra.

There can sometimes be a certain amount of trial and error or experimentation involved in finding the g spot, but - if you can - it will be worth it.

Arousal by stimulating the g-spot is best preceded if your partner first indulges in exploratory foreplay, with touching, kissing and caressing first, before going on to gentle clitoral stimulation with lips and tongue. Then, when arousal is starting, the pad of a finger or perhaps thumb could be slowly placed in the vagina and pressed gently on to the g spot.

Then it can be massaged, gently but firmly, with the pad of the finger or thumb. The pressure on the g-spot itself has to be fairly firm as unlike the clitoris the g spot doesn't respond particularly well to very light pressure.

Orgasms derived through this kind of stimulation can differ from those of clitoral stimulation. The g - spot is apparently more associated with multiple orgasms and sometimes lead to ejaculation, whereas clitoral orgasms tend to happen singly. However clitoral orgasms are easier to reach. There's no golden rule, some women prefer to use the clitoris and vice versa.

Various sexual positions are better for stimulating the g spot than others. If the woman goes on top, it's easier for the penis to directly stimulate the g-spot. Also doggy fashion, or entry from the rear, with the woman pushing her hips back, similarly allows the penis to touch the spot, and if the man performs swinging or gyrational movements as a pose to only thrusting ones, this too improves the chances of hitting the spot.

G-Spot Stimulation And Hypnosis

As mentioned previously, your imagination is the most powerful tool in your sexual "armoury". All the different erogenous zones would be difficult, if not impossible, to stimulate without it.

If you're finding that you're having difficulty genuinely responding sexually, or if you simply want to enhance your sexuality, then by giving your sexual imagination a boost you'll discover or rediscover your potential to enjoy and benefit from the exquisite pleasure and satisfaction that comes from great orgasmic sex.

Getting to the right g spot location followed by skilled g-spot stimulation  - if of course it actually exists - can lead to multiple orgasm, and this becomes much easier to achieve if you train your mind to be more receptive to it. By making a point of relaxing fairly deeply on a daily and/or nightly basis for a month or so while absorbing a sexual enhancement themed hypnosis download, you'll soon find your sexual confidence increasing in ways and to an extent that you previously might have thought impossible. 

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