Overcome Germaphobia
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Erasing germaphobia from your mind and life may seem - depending on the intensity of the phobia - to be an almost impossible dream, but you may be assured that it's not. Over the last couple of decades hypnosis/self hypnosis has relieved tens of thousands of people around the world from this condition. This phobia, also sometimes referred to as mysophobia, constitutes an irrational and intense fear of dirt and germs.

Statistically it appears to cross many boundaries in relation to age, gender etc, the eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes having been an extreme and classic example.

It often starts in quite a small and innocuous way, whereby the mysophobic starts to notice that they've started washing their hands at least several times a day and are beginning to find themselves reluctant to do things like touch doorknobs or shake hands. They then may start to acquire behavior patterns such as carrying disinfectant wipes with them everywhere at all times.

Phobia of germs can also in some cases develop very quickly. One teenage girl became germaphobic almost immediately after a classmate sitting next to her vomited profusely over her desk.

Fears about germs have often been linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) where the phobic, in the more extreme cases, will spend hours a day cleaning and recleaning their home.

Needless to say, keeping yourself and your immediate surroundings clean is a positive thing, but if you're being controlled by an ongoing and constant obsession with germs then the benefits of the extreme and unnecessary level of cleanliness achieved are being far outweighed by the negative emotional and psychological toll which this form of compulsive behavior will exact on your life and mind.

The causes of this phobia can vary immensely, so much so that focusing too much on the cause itself can prove to be ultimately ineffective. However it should be said that the advertising industry could be held at least partly responsible for encouraging it in people where the tendency towards it already exists.

Ditto for the lurid and stupidly overblown media headlines and reports about the outcomes/consequences of the spread of infectious diseases.

If you feel that your mental and social well being is being negatively impacted by exaggerated germ fears, then that situation can be and has been resolved through hypnosis.

Help To Overcome Germaphobia

The Overcome Fear of Germs hypnosis download will initially help you into a state of mental and physical relaxation, at which point the subconscious becomes receptive to the positive and gently effective suggestions which will "re-educate" it in such a way that for you germaphobia will soon be a thing of the past and you will thereafter be comfortable with normal and healthy levels of cleanliness. The download is best absorbed at night as you're going to sleep, though any convenient time, so long as you can be relaxed and undisturbed, will suffice. In some cases a few sessions will be enough, others may require a more prolonged program. Details of the download are available here.

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