How Habitual Lying Develops
And How It Can Be Overcome 

The deep rooted impulse to lie compulsively - habitual lying - often has its beginning in childhood. Pathological lying is not something that develops suddenly. It may be that you might have once lied about something to parents or teachers and as a result escaped some kind of punishment. This could have begun to lay the psychological groundwork for a compulsive lying disorder, the forming of a deep rooted feeling that habitual lying brings desirable and positive outcomes.

Combine this with some degree of self esteem problem whereby the individual grows up with the feeling that they're not an interesting person, and then learns to gain some sort of comfort by inventing stories about themselves which feature them in an interesting and positive light.

If and when these stories have the desired effect on the people to whom they're told, this gives the person a sense of control over their lives, and combined with the embedded notion that by lying undesirable consequences can be avoided, the tendency to lie about a whole range of things becomes established and frequent.

People who have gone on to reach the stage of pathologically lying often find themselves lying without even thinking about it. It's established itself as part of the "routine" workings of the psyche - in other words a deeply rooted habit.

Compulsive liars lie not only in situations where some sort of gain or avoidance of embarrassment may be the desired outcome of lying, but in any situation, irrespective of whether or not the person could be said to have anything to gain or avoid by lying. In fact it becomes second nature to lie about anything and everything, even to the extent that if a compulsive liar is asked for directions by someone passing in the street, they will feel unconsciously compelled to misdirect them.

It's not difficult to imagine the effect this would have on a person's life and relationships. Pathological lying would undermine if not swiftly destroy the foundation of any relationship and/or career possibilities, ultimately leaving you alone and unfulfilled and finding it increasingly difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality.

How To Stop Habitual Lying

Constant and persistent lying is something that is the result of a deeply ingrained pattern of subconscious thought and subsequent action. There are various therapeutic techniques which can be used to deconstruct these patterns of thought, and hypnosis is undoubtedly one of the most effective and successful.

Through relaxation with the use of hypnosis mp3 downloads, created by expert hypnotherapists and psychologists, you can "train" your mind to identify and subjugate the unconscious impulse that causes you to lie frequently. Not in such a way that you'll feel compelled to always tell the absolute tactless truth in any given situation, but in a way that frees you from the compulsion to lie instinctively, and replacing that compulsion with a life enhancing understanding of the value of truth over lies. This also has the effect of building or replacing a sense of self respect, something which perpetual lying has a detrimental effect on. More details of the download are available here.

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