Hair Pulling Disorder And
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The deeply embedded impulse to pull hair - hair pulling disorder - is most commonly associated with pulling hair out from the scalp but body and pubic hair can also be the focus of this anxiety based behavior pattern. In general it's estimated that around 3-5% of the population are living with this problem - aka trichotillomania - to some degree or other. Sometimes plucking hair is also associated with trichophagia, which is the term relating to the compulsion to eat or swallow hair, which can cause hairballs in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Hair Pulling Disorder

The tendency towards pulling hair often seems to start in the teenage years and quite often turns out to have been a "phase", whereby the habit just fades away and never returns. However, as stated previously, around 1 in 20-25 adults have remained prone to this tendency or compulsion, either periodically or consistently.

While it is an anxiety based compulsive disorder it's often neither productive or necessary to focus too much on what might be "causing" it, or to look for the psychological relevance of past experiences and so on. While these are often crucial factors in other areas that hypnosis can help with, compulsive hair pulling is simply a deeply rooted habit or compulsion relating to tension which the subconscious has begun to "think" of as a means of coping with that tension.

This is why no matter how hard you consciously try to stop it, you keep finding yourself doing it anyway.

Aside from making you feel that you're in thrall to something that you can't control, habitual hairpulling will cause bald patches to appear, and this magnifies and intensifies the problem within the mind. This however does not actually help to stop the compulsive behavior, apart from in a relatively few cases where the "shock value" of the actual sight of and prospect of hair loss has jolted the subconscious into taking immediate action and banishing the compulsion from the affected individual's mental landscape.

Fortunately, it's not necessary to get to that stage in order to deal with this effectively and permanently. Hypnosis is an ideal method of reaching and reprogramming thought patterns which create the seemingly instinctive impulses which lead to actions such as hair pulling and nail biting, and, through relaxation and positive suggestion, gently replacing them with a deeply embedded realization that your problem simply no longer needs to exist and that there are other more positive and constructive ways of dealing with inner tension. The Stop Compulsive Hair Pulling hypnosis download will, either quickly or gradually, free you from this compulsion. Further details of the download are available here.

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