Help With Impotence And
The Cause Of Male Impotence

Help With Impotence

The power of the subconscious mind provides the best help with impotence - psychological impotence - available. There are physical impotence causes, including among other things obesity, diabetes, excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs, some medications and simple deterioration of the arteries. However, if it's established that there's no physical cause, and if you're getting erections in the morning for example, then you can be sure that the help with impotence that's needed should focus on your mind to the exclusion of anything else.

Impotence, aka erectile dysfunction (ED) means having difficulty getting or sustaining hard enough erections to experience satisfactory penetrative intercourse. This is not uncommon, in so far as many males from teenagers onwards will at some point have a problem with it, but with some men the problem becomes more lasting and ongoing.

In purely physical terms, lack of or loss of an erection is due to the absence of or reduction of the blood supply to the penis. Psychological stimulation, in other words "the mind" to a large extent controls and sustains this. When you think or fantasize about sexual encounters, the subconscious mind exerts its control over the body by sending blood to the penis to facilitate sexual intercourse.

However, with erectile dysfunction something - often psychological - prevents this from happening, either at all, or prevents a sufficient flow of blood to the penis to maintain a hard enough erection for a sufficient length of time.

The Psychology of Impotence

Imagine this scenario. You've recently met someone and you both realise that you're attracted to one another. However there's other things going on in your life and/or your mind that are putting you under significant strain.

At some point sooner or later you both decide to explore each other sexually and then - disaster - find that you either can't or have suddenly lost genuine interest.

There is more to this than an unfortunate coincidence of wrong place wrong time etc. What has happened is that stress, in the form of fears, anxieties or unresolved anger or other negative emotions which your conscious mind has been impressing onto your subconscious have come to the fore when you least want them to and demanded your attention.

In the meantime you begin to wonder what might be wrong. Perhaps something physical? Why did it happen? Do you need help with it? A slow sense of worry, perhaps with the potential to feel a bit like panic, starts to creep up on you.

Sometime later maybe you try it again, but reverse psychology has taken hold and another unsatisfactory encounter occurs but this time it's as if you'd anticipated failure.

Your imagination has begun to work against you, and the fear of failure and a cycle of negative mental associations about your sexual prowess and sexual ability has begun to build up in your mind. You worry more, and now every time you even think of yourself in a sexual situation, the mental scenario is overcast by a subtle aura of frustration, disappointment and more worry.

Help With Impotence

There are nowadays a number of temporary impotence cures which can superficially help with the problem, for example the famous blue pill, comparatively expensive for ongoing use, problematic to obtain through safe channels, and with the potential for psychological dependence, insofar as the fear of trying to perform sexually without it remains.

There is also yohimbine, which apparently for some acts in a similar way, but which has a long list of adverse potential side effects, including possible renal failure, to be taken into account. There are also some dodgy sounding treatments involving various kinds of surgery, implants, vacuums etc.

Hypnosis, however, deals with psychological erectile dysfunction by going to the source of the problem and breaking the cycle of negative mental associations with sex and sexual activity that cause the problem, and replacing them with sexually positive associations that will enable you to perform and enjoy full and mutually satisfying sex with your partner.

By using simple relaxation techniques and listening - on a daily basis for a couple of weeks and thereafter less frequently - to a hypnosis download or mp3 themed specifically to deal with male sexual dysfunction, you'll find that the physical and mental relaxation combined with the suggestions and mental imagery will provide the help with impotence and ultimately the natural impotence cure that you need, by reducing your negative focus on stress and reawakening in your conscious and then consequently also in your subconscious mind your desire for and ability to achieve sexual fulfillment. Genuine, effective and non invasive help with impotence is available now.

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