How Heroin Addictions
And Withdrawal From Heroin
Can Be Overcome

The power of the subconscious is essential for success in breaking heroin addictions permanently because apart from physical dependency habitual heroin use creates a high level of psychological dependency which cannot be overcome by purely medical means. However breaking free from addiction to heroin does of course first involve dealing with the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction and this in itself is no walk in the park and medical assistance of some sort will - in the majority of cases - be required.

Breaking Heroin Addictions

What's equally important when preparing for the physical opiate withdrawal symptoms is having beforehand a clear conscious realization that, no matter what you may have to go through, you most definitely have a strong desire to conquer your addiction for good and get your life back on track.

What this really means is understanding that you need, as much as anything, to have the power of your mind behind you in order to succeed, especially with something that can be as difficult as breaking a heroin habit. Without the power of your mind behind you, you won't succeed in overcoming addiction to heroin for any great length of time, but with the power of your mind behind you you can not only break the addiction but also find it much easier to stay off it permanently.

The "mind" is an extremely important factor here. There's no completely medical cure that gets you off heroin permanently. Sometimes heroin addicts physically and medically undergo all the withdrawals and clear their systems so that physically it's as if they'd never touched heroin, but some of them relapse. Why? Because they'd failed to or were unaware of the need to address the role that the subconscious plays in relation to addictions.

Assuming that you're aware of and understand the nature of the physical and mental challenge that getting off heroin will present, and that you do have a genuine and strong desire to succeed in putting it behind you for good, the next step involves connecting that conscious desire with the latent power within you which is the actual source of the determination and inner strength that will see you through to the freedom from slavery to heroin which awaits on the other side of the withdrawal period.

If you've become subconsciously conditioned into thinking that it's necessary to take heroin to gain pleasurable relief from stress, boredom, anxiety or whatever, or even just to feel normal, then even after the physical withdrawal stage has been completed this principle will still be in effect, which is, as mentioned above, the reason why many people who have successfully physically withdrawn from heroin still relapse back into it sooner or later. The subconscious urge to take heroin is still there and is far more powerful than any conscious realization that to do so would almost certainly lead back to addiction all over again.

The best and most effective way to tackle and remove these deep rooted urges is through hypnosis. However in the early stages of withdrawal hypnosis on its own would in most cases be insufficient. Medical help would in most cases be necessary to help deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms, but immediately after these first physically difficult days when the symptoms are subsiding you need to focus your attention onto your mind, on changing the existing subconscious "program" which is still maintaining a subtle but high level of psychological addiction.

It's at this point that hypnosis can really help you to stay off heroin permanently by changing the way you subconsciously feel and think about heroin.

Through relaxation and positive suggestion heroin addictions can be overcome because relaxation allows the suggestions to be absorbed by the subconscious, and the suggestions are of course geared towards "reprogramming" the thought patterns that create the urges or impulses to take heroin. When these thought patterns have been changed in this way, you'll find that you simply no longer have any interest in heroin. You won't become an anti-heroin fanatic or anything, you just won't care about it anymore. The psychological aspect of heroin addictions can and has been conquered in many thousands of cases through the use of hypnosis and/or self hypnosis, and Hypnosis Downloads have created a pc/mp3 download, developed by hypnotherapists experienced in dealing with addictions, which can be used as and when needed. In some cases positive results will be apparent quickly, others may require daily and/or nightly listening sessions for a longer period. Details of the download are available here.

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