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Hodophobia literally means - in Ancient Greek - fear of the road. For obvious reasons it's one of the most potentially life limiting phobias that there are. Hodophobia tends to be based on unusually strong fears of the unknown and also perhaps on fears about getting lost and becoming separated from parents which would have begun to develop in childhood, perhaps as a result of just such an experience.

There can often be an overlap between fears about travel and other fears/phobias such as fear of flying, driving and agoraphobia.

As with many phobic situations, hodophobics are often aware on a conscious level that their fear is irrational, but that doesn't stop the negative emotions associated with the phobia from coming to the fore and causing you to feel anxious and apprehensive about the prospect of travel.

This indicates that you don't choose to be afraid of travel, but that deeply embedded fears, based on some negative past experience, have become linked or associated with situations involving travel.

It's therefore understandable and even natural that you instinctively find yourself experiencing a strong inclination to avoid travel.

As with other phobias, it affects different people with different levels of intensity, and can also sometimes grow in severity and escalate over time to the point that in some cases the travel phobic feels unable to leave home other than for short trips to nearby shops etc.

It may feel as if you have no control over these negative feelings and reactions which arise in your mind in relation to travel situations, but that is not actually the case.

You should not and do not have to live with this highly restricting phobia.

That's because through hypnosis/self hypnosis these negative feelings and reactions can be reprogrammed in such a way that will result in your fears around travel evaporating from your mental landscape.

Through deep relaxation and suggestion the subconscious is "persuaded" to replace and restate its beliefs and associations with regard to all forms of travel, ultimately leaving you more generally relaxed and able to positively anticipate and enjoy the benefits and pleasures of travel.

Visualization can also be used as a supplementary technique, whereby the hodophobic visualizes him or herself as being and feeling relaxed and happy in some situation involving travel. This should be practiced twice a day for 5-10 minutes each time.

Treatment For Hodophobia

The Overcome Fear of Travel audio hypnosis download has been specifically developed and created to deal with this problem. Depending on the depth and severity of the travel phobia, a few sessions may be sufficient or a more prolonged program - absorbing the download nightly as you're going to sleep for a few weeks and practicing the visualization twice a day - may be required. Further details of the download are available here.

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