How To Be Charming
How To Be Attractive

Developing interpersonal relations and following these tips will show you how to be charming and popular. The majority of people have within them the potential to be charming and in at least some ways attractive and to consequently get the best out of man-woman relationships and other social opportunities. If you're looking for love or are having difficulties making and/or maintaining friendships then this advice can help you.

How To Be Charming

Always remember a person's name when you're introduced to them then use it again when you meet or talk with them again. This helps to establish and build rapport and - unconsciously at least - the person will be gratified that you remembered their name, and will to some extent at least like you for it. 

Without overdoing it smile at people. This is most effective when you're making eye contact and smiling simultaneously. Be careful though, with the wrong person or under the wrong circumstances your smile may come across as false and/or inappropriate. 

Vocal intonation is also a significant positive or negative contributor to your charm factor. Get into the habit of speaking in a clear, forthright but also relaxed and quite gentle voice. It sounds obvious but it is so easy to forget to make an effort to speak to people in a warm and friendly way. We've all heard of references to people who are superficially attractive but who then spoil it by speaking harshly or incomprehensibly. 

Make a conscious mental effort to look for the positive points in relation to other people, then let them know about it. People - both men and women - just love being complimented especially when they can feel sure that you mean it and are not just indulging in flattery. Remember also that if you're going to compliment someone on something not to wait too long into the conversation or situation to give it. Waiting too long can in some circumstances make it seem awkward, clumsy or worse insincere. For men, it's a good idea to keep a lookout for any changes that your partner or girlfiend may have made to her appearance and to compliment her on it, assuming that you feel capable of doing so in a genuine way. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you're in a conversation with one or more people and some other person who is mutually known but who is not there gets referred to in some negative context, think of something positive to say about that person. This helps to create and spread the impression that you're someone who is focused on the positive things about other people, who doesn't dwell on or is preoccupied with seeking out peoples' negative points. Even though the others may not agree with you, this still helps to instill at the back of their minds the impression that you're a basically likeable and pleasant - charming - person.   

Learning to be a good listener is also an integral part of how to be charming. When encouraged to do so most people are happy to talk about themselves, their hopes, dreams, achievements and so on, and because of your genuine interest in them will form an impression in their minds of you as being someone whose company they enjoy.

Try to inspire and encourage yourself to gracefully rise above any unwarranted spitefulness or unpleasantness that other less charming individuals may try to lay on you. If anything, you should feel sorry for them, being as they are probably preoccupied with their own negativity and problems. And other people who see you respond to these slights in a positive and graceful way will respect and admire you for it, privately at least.

If and whenever possible and/or appropriate, use the power of touch when you're conversing with someone. A firm handshake, a pat on the back or an affectionate touch on the hand, arm or shoulder can work wonders for how another person sees you and feels about you. People often forget just how tactile they really are. 

Your own self belief and inner disposition and attitude are of course crucially important towards your success in learning how to be charming. One of the main factors - in fact arguably the main factor - in being charming and attractive relates to feeling charming and attractive. If you don't actually feel attractive and personable you have to work a lot harder to come across as such and sometimes at least will simply fail to do so. The cause of your success or failure in everything you do lies within your mind, and this applies to working on how to be charming as much as anything else. If you feel that this could be helped by giving your self esteem and self belief a boost, then you may want to consider hypnosis/self hypnosis as an effective way of doing so. Details of hypnosis downloads designed to increase your sense of personal attractiveness are available here.

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