Learn How To Do Self Hypnosis
How To Hypnotize Yourself

Using this free online self hypnosis guide to learn how to do self hypnosis will help you to realize your potential in any area of your life that you wish to focus on. Self hypnosis can be used to address and resolve problems relating to self esteem - for example finding a relationship or changing limiting beliefs about money and success - problems with stress, losing weight, quitting smoking, overcoming phobias and more. By learning how to do self hypnosis you can adjust the free self hypnosis script linked to from later on this page to any aspect of your life that you want to change or improve.

What Is Self Hypnosis

Getting life enhancing results from self hypnosis doesn't depend on having any particularly great knowledge or experience of hypnosis in general, nor does it depend on having any special mental or psychic ability, but it does require that you strongly desire to overcome or change whatever specific situation it is that is holding you back or causing you problems in your life.

For example many people who are overweight would "like" to be slim, many people who are not financially independent would "like" to be financially free, but not all of them - deep down - have a strong desire to leave their existing comfort zones and change their lives, even though they know on some level that they'd be better off.

If, however, you really do want to lose weight, quit smoking, develop a prosperity mindset or whatever, then you're already halfway there. Unfortunately though, while desire is the necessary catalyst through which success will ultimately be achieved, it's not enough on its own to bring your goal into reality. You can wish, hope, pray for something that you dearly want or need but it won't - other than by sheer and probably  unlikely chance - actually materialize unless you couple your desire with the power of your mind.

Learning how to do self hypnosis is really all about accessing the tremendous and perhaps infinite power of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious controls and regulates all aspects of the body's functioning and repair, and also holds the memory of literally every single moment and event that has passed in your whole life. It has also recorded and stored the feelings and emotions which accompanied all of these moments and events.

However this is almost as nothing compared to the most significant aspect of the subconscious, that being that it exists as a microcosm of the universe itself. Your subconscious mind is linked to and has contained within it a spark of all of the power and wisdom of the universe. Some people of a strongly "rationalist" inclination believe that there is no power or wisdom in the universe, that it represents nothing but blind nothingness and that everything that is and has been since "the beginning" has been an accident.

I can't argue for or against the existence of God, or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, but what I do know from personal experience and that of others is that each and every sentient human being has within them a vast and untapped reservoir of power, knowledge and ability. These latent powers exist subconsciously, and by understanding how to do self hypnosis you can change or improve your life in any way that you want. If as it happens you're interested in learning about hypnosis generally for personal or career reasons have a look at this page on how to learn hypnosis.

How To Do Self Hypnosis

There are three primary "stages" involved in self hypnosis - relaxation, visualization and suggestion.

Quick Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is the essential first part of the self hypnosis process. Your mind needs to be at rest and your body needs to be relaxed so that the images and suggestions which you will be impressing onto your subconscious can be accepted and absorbed by it.

Creative Visualization

The subconscious thrives and acts on not only words but also images and symbols. Mental imagery transmitted with feeling and imagination from the conscious mind to the subconscious has a powerful effect towards compelling the subconscious to create in your life the conditions and circumstances necessary to manifest as reality in your life the content of the images.

Visualization And Affirmations

Finally, combining imagery with autosuggestion is, if practiced with diligence, focus and consistency, a virtually surefire way of reprogramming your powerful subconscious toward whatever end you truly desire.

If you're new or relatively new to this process, first of all just read through the above three pages to give yourself an overall picture and familiarize yourself with the procedure. You could also have a look at the self hypnosis scripts page. It's also of course necessary to be clear in your mind in advance about exactly what aspect of yourself or your life that it is that you want to work on.

Gaining an appreciation of how to do self hypnosis is something that almost anyone could quickly grasp but the earlier point about having real desire for change should be re emphasized. Just knowing that you'd be better off not smoking isn't the same as really wanting to quit. Idly dreaming about financial freedom isn't the same as really wanting to be financially secure. Strong desire is the basis on which self hypnosis and the power of the mind works and has its effect.


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