How To Have Great Sex

Hypnosis can make sex better because learning how to have great sex involves the mind as well as the body. The health benefits of sex - good sex - are physical and emotional and psychological. Sex without input from the mind, more specifically the imagination, would be like a mechanical chore if it was possible at all. There are more mundane but still very important factors such as the state of your physical health, awareness of various do's and don'ts and so on, but the imagination-based aspect behind how to have better sex is strongly connected to sexual satisfaction and pleasure itself.

If you have a negative self/body image you will tend to imagine yourself as being sexually unattractive, unable to perform well sexually and so on. Hypnosis is acknowledged as an effective method of dealing with this negative mindset and changing it for the better.

If you're a man it may be that sex isn't as good as you think it could have been, sometimes anyway. It may be just that neither of you were really all that interested in the first place but just went ahead with it anyway, or it may be that at the back of your mind you're anxious about your performance, your physique, whether or not she truly enjoyed it or not and so on. Maybe you're inclined to think that knowing how to have great sex is a mystery and that your sex life isn't as tumultuous and exciting as everyone else's. Sexual performance anxiety, self-doubt and thinking that you're somehow worse off than mostly everyone else are all manifestations of negative self belief which develops over time as a result of your having accepted negative and false beliefs about yourself as being real and true.

These negative beliefs are only "real" so long as you accept them as such. Being self assured and confident without being conceited and arrogant is something that women universally find attractive.

Try to stop thinking about and worrying about you and focus more on your partner. Being good in bed means being good in bed with your particular partner, not every woman in the world who you may be attracted to.

Communicate. Talk to your partner about what she likes and what you like. Be upfront without being crude. Having a mutual understanding of what you both want can only help towards having a mutually good sexual experience/relationship.  

Don't worry about what some other guys may say about how great their sex lives are or about how they know all about how to have great sex. Men who feel a strong need to talk to other men about their fantastic sex lives are often insecure and full of self-doubt and are trying to conceal it, from themselves as well as everyone else. Also if you watch porn don't fall into assuming that that's the norm, it's not. Actors/models are hand picked, and for many of them it fairly soon becomes a routine, even boring job. Male performers often have to take various off-screen measures to deal with "wood" issues, and the action is designed to create arousal - which is fine of course - but it's not a reflection of reality, in bed or anywhere else.

The reality is that as a man - assuming you're in at least reasonably good shape physically - you are as capable as any other of sharing and enjoying good sex with a partner.

If you're a woman how do you feel about your physique and yourself overall? Although male and female are of course fundamentally different, there are similarities in the issues that cause self-doubt about sexual performance and prowess and about how sexually attractive you feel you are. Women who enjoy sex most are in tune with and confident about their bodies. It's about being comfortable in your own skin.

Many women do however suffer from some degree of negative body image. One of the ways to help improve sex drive and body image is to figure out some kind of physical exercise that you actually enjoy. It could be anything from yoga to women's football or anything in between. The point is that it should be something that floats your boat, something that simultaneously gives you a feeling of physical and mental well-being and a sense of accomplishment when you've done it.

Find some kind of exercise that you enjoy doing and soon enough your body will start to respond by becoming more toned and supple, as will your mind.

As far as how to have great sex is concerned, bear in mind that most, or at least many men actively want to please a woman in bed. But unless he's a mind reader he won't know what really turns you on if you're fairly new together so gently - perhaps with a hint of coyness - make suggestions or hints about what you like and what you'd like him to do. Without coming across as being demanding take the lead subtly and guide his touch and his lips to where you want them to be. Encourage him to take his time and explore each other gently and sensuously.

Sexual Boredom In Relationships

In longer term relationships sex can sometimes start to feel predictable and even mechanical. Try mutually agreed abstinence for a few days, a week, a couple of weeks or whatever is appropriate. During this time make sexy/romantic gestures and hints about what's to come after the abstinence. Many couples - especially older couples - end up enjoying this so much that they start "pre-arranging" sex frequently. When the time comes try to extend the arousal period before climax for a bit longer than usual. Something that's easily forgotten about how to have great sex is that delaying the ultimate pleasure makes it even more pleasurable. Also during the abstention period you could explore the more tasteful pornography together. Outwith the sexual area try doing unusual things together, like for example a spontaneous visit to a funfair or carnival or something like that. Just some things that are a bit "different" that you can enjoy together.

How To Have Great Sex

Your mental well-being is critically aligned with your sexual well-being. Stress, anxiety, unresolved anger, self-doubt and excessive self-consciousness are all things that will negatively affect this balance and help to create sexual performance anxiety, which is a surefire way of depleting your performance, especially in relation to men.

You could have the sexiest, fittest and most attractive body in the world but if your psyche is out of tune with your sexuality then it won't mean much. As stated previously good sex is about the mind as much as it's about anything else. The imagination is ultimately the best sexual stimulant of all.

If you're concerned about your sexual performance and/or your sexual attractiveness then through hypnosis you can learn how to have great sex because by using audio hypnosis downloads created by professional hypnotherapists and psychologists and designed to deal specifically with these issues you can replace feelings of stress and self-doubt in relation to sex with a relaxed, confident and positive attitude towards yourself and your sexuality.

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