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Hypnosis is an effective tool for learning how to improve self esteem because confidence, or the lack thereof, is simply a state of mind and hypnosis is all about changing or improving the mind. Overcoming low self esteem can, if you're afflicted by self-doubt and negative thinking, seem like an insurmountable task but that's also merely a "belief" and a false one at that. Fundamentally all that's required is for you to change your thinking about yourself and by using hypnosis for confidence building you can do this surprisingly easily. Learning how to improve self esteem successfully requires only that you have a real desire to gain confidence in yourself and are prepared to focus on that objective.

The old adage about it being necessary to know your "enemy" in order to be able to "defeat" it has relevance here in the sense that it could be helpful to gain an understanding of the actual definition of self esteem before starting on a program of confidence building.


Why are some people brimming with confidence and healthy self esteem while others are timid and self-deprecating? The causes of low self esteem can be many and varied but they all tend to boil down to one thing, that being that the individual concerned has accepted as being "real" the notion or belief that he or she is in some way unworthy and inferior.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt - "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."  The meaning behind that statement is crystal clear and so obviously true: if you believe that you're inferior you will feel, think and act as if you are inferior, but you're only "inferior" if you consent to believe that you are. No one can actually make you feel that way except yourself. 

Some people in some circumstances may try to belittle you, but unless you consent to mentally go along with them, they won't succeed. Have a look at this page on signs of low self esteem to see if you might be exhibiting some of the signs that can cause you to seem self-deprecating and/or a "pushover."


The effects of self esteem problems in general can lead to you not only being taken advantage of in some situations, but will affect your overall quality of life. Lost or missed opportunities for career or business success, romance, friendship and much more are all consequences of a person's delusional and unfounded belief that they shouldn't or couldn't try to advance themselves.

Changing this negative belief by using confidence boosting hypnosis downloads is not difficult, requiring only that you have the desire to change and are prepared to put aside a small amount of time for it. To start with, try taking an online self esteem test to see approximately where you stand on the self esteem scale.

You could also combine your use of self esteem building hypnosis downloads for deep reaching inner mental change with various simple and practical everyday things you can do to help boost your confidence. There are a number of ways to improve self esteem which involve nothing more than making a little effort to adopt certain habits and attitudes and discard others. Also have a look at these self confidence quotes and find out more about using self esteem affirmations as a supplementary boost to your program.

Some people lack confidence in some areas of life but not necessarily in others. You could be a socially vibrant and attractive person but who still feels that they shouldn't or couldn't try to advance themselves in career or financial terms. If in certain work or money related situations you're aware of a feeling inside you that you're just not cut out for success or career advancement then learning something about self esteem and leadership should help to dispel that self-imposed myth.


Learning how to improve self esteem is all about desire, focus and understanding that your mind and your beliefs about yourself are yours to change if it's clear that it would be beneficial for you to do so. And that positive change can be achieved much more easily than you may previously have thought.

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