Using Hypnosis For Anxiety
And Panic Attacks

The root causes of anxiety disorders can be addressed by hypnosis for anxiety because anxiety is a product of "the mind", more specifically the imagination, therefore hypnosis - which is a tool used primarily to make positive changes in the mind - is often found to be highly effective in overcoming conditions like chronic or generalized anxiety. Assuming that there's no direct physical cause then the solution can only be found in the mind and so the use of hypnosis would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Hypnosis For Anxiety

Anxiety is the term we use to describe or allude to feelings of worry, tension and dread, a feeling of some oncoming or impending pain, loss or disaster. Many people understandably consider fear and anxiety to be the same thing, but that's actually not the case although there may seem to be a sort of similarity in the way that anxiety and fear both superficially feel. The difference may seem to be irrelevant but in approaching an anxiety problem it's worthwhile identifying the true and precise nature of the problem.

If you found yourself suddenly confronted by a 7 foot grizzly bear you'd feel fear, not anxiety. However when your thoughts are preoccupied with concerns about what might happen if you for example lost your health, home, job or spouse, or all together, then you're experiencing anxiety.

Fear is more related to the immediate "fight or flight" situation, whereby anxiety is more related to feelings of something terrible or negative which may happen and which feels to be beyond the boundaries of your own control or otherwise somehow inescapable.

Fear relates more to the present and to some strongly definable and real situation, whereas anxiety relates to what is perceived as the possible future and does not require there to be any definable or immediately obvious trigger or stimulus.

Of course everyone experiences anxiety periodically at some level or other, but an anxiety "problem" develops when it becomes a more or less constant and highly significant component of a person's overall mental and emotional landscape. This is generally referred to as anxiety disorder.

In some circumstances a little anxiety now and then can serve a useful purpose, such as before an interview or a driving test, whereby because of it you become more alert and focused. But if the feelings of anxiety seem about to overwhelm you then obviously this would have a detrimental effect on your overall performance, and if these feelings become chronic or ongoing and emerge in response to concerns about vague or unspecific matters relating to life in general then you may be forming a generalized anxiety disorder.

Causes Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generally speaking, chronic anxiety problems have their deepest roots in childhood and the early years. Negative past experiences - particularly as a child - can leave an "imprint" on the subconscious which then begins to apply itself psychologically to an ever widening range of situations and circumstances encountered in day to day life, causing the individual to experience anxiety in response to an increasing number of scenarios which now appear to be in some way threatening.

There is also research data on generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) which suggests that GAD can be, to some extent, inherited. Researchers have found that if a person has a parent or other close relative who has been diagnosed with GAD then this may well increase the possibility of that person forming an anxiety disorder. This could simply be because a child growing up in a home where one or both parents has GAD will him or her self absorb and imitate the parental approach to dealing with stress. However some researchers believe that the link can be purely genetic and based on factors such as inherited neurochemistry.

Overall, no one knows for sure exactly what causes GAD, or even if there is an "exact" cause. A fairly broad consensus of opinion nowadays is drawn towards there being a combination of factors - past experience and upbringing, genetics and possibly trauma of some sort - which can form together to create an anxiety disorder.

Treatment For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Intense, chronic anxiety and the panic attacks which sometimes accompany it could not occur unless the individual's imagination or overall mindset has been effectively swamped by mental images which prompt feelings of worry and dread. Looked at from this perspective, it's probably safe to say that the cause of an anxiety disorder is somewhat less important than finding an effective way to treat it.

The use of hypnosis for anxiety has in numerous cases proved to be highly beneficial, simply because chronic anxiety has become an established feature of a person's psychological and emotional outlook and hypnosis/self hypnosis can be used to successfully change or improve that outlook at the deepest and most significant level.

Therefore spending weeks or months in therapy focusing on the possible cause of the condition could prove fruitless or even counter productive. However not all therapy is focused only on causes, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has also by many accounts been successful or at least helpful in alleviating anxiety disorders.

Broadly speaking, CBT involves talking about and exploring with a therapist the feelings and emotions which prompt and sustain chronic anxiety attacks. It's through this form of psychological ventilation of negative feelings that the dissipation of the anxiety can be achieved.

On the other hand, hypnosis for anxiety approaches the problem from a different but not entirely unrelated angle. If it's accepted that generalized anxiety is a product or feature of the mind, then the cure or solution can only exist within the same mind. If your mental mindmap of yourself, your life and the world around you is heavily influenced by anxiety, then no matter how deeply ingrained or even "natural" that state of anxiety may seem to you, the fact is that that mental outlook or mindmap can be changed for the better by using hypnosis for anxiety. Hypnosis Downloads have been for years now helping anxiety sufferers overcome their problem and details of relevant downloads available for home/personal use are linked to here.

Hypnosis Downloads To Relieve Anxiety

Hypnosis Downloads For Generalized Anxiety

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