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Hypnosis For Sales

Super confidence and personal motivation can be developed through hypnosis for sales because through self hypnosis you can train your conscious mind to consistently send positive self confidence boosting thoughts and imagery to your all powerful subconscious which will in turn lead you to and attract to you people and situations which will confirm to you your confidence and success. Hypnosis for sales basically involves using three techniques.

(a)Visualization, where for 5-10 minutes twice a day you relax and visualize yourself meeting customers and successfully closing sales with them. (b)Suggestion, whereby, preferably at night as you're going to sleep, you absorb a prosperity consciousness themed pc/mp3 hypnosis download such as the millionaire mindset download. (c)Affirmations, which you can use silently or aloud, anywhere or anytime. Affirm to yourself something like "I'm confident, successful and wealthy". It doesn't matter if you don't firmly believe what you're affirming, through repetition the conscious thoughts of wealth and success which the affirmation creates still filter through to the subconscious.

Sales Techniques

Any good salesperson knows that merely reciting a list of factual features about any given product or service is not likely to get any prospective buyer's pulse racing with eager anticipation. However an appeal to the buyer's emotions and wants and getting them to imagine owning it already is what makes the difference between "I'll think about it" and "Yes! Gimme! I want it now!"

Emotions elicit a direct response from the subconscious, and if you have some knowledge about your potential customer and what it is that they're looking for, then the use of appropriate key words and phrases, voice tones and body language will strike the right chord in their subconscious in such a way that the obstacles and defenses that the conscious mind always puts up which discourage someone from agreeing to a sale will be bypassed.

For example, think of the difference between "This is a fantastic product" and "This is a fantastic product, isn't it?" immediately followed by a slight affirmative nod, barely perceptible but just enough to make the right impression on the customer's subconscious.

The decision making process is then influenced more by the subconscious, by what the customer now really wants, as a pose to what his/her analytical conscious mind is saying about what he or she may or may not need.

Hypnosis for sales and boosting confidence and a wealth mentality will help you to just naturally bring these and other sale closing techniques to the fore in your day to day work in sales.

Self Sabotage

Many salespeople come into contact with potential customers who already, on some level, want what they're being offered, and just need someone with good sales skills to make them feel OK about going ahead and buying it, to help them overcome the doubts and hesitation that the critical, left brain part of the mind is busy putting up in front of them.

A huge number of sales which could have been successful are not carried through to their natural conclusion because the salesperson, who may otherwise have good selling skills, has somehow blown it when it comes to closing on the dotted line.

This kind of self sabotaging behavior comes from a lack of confidence and purpose, and confidence and purpose comes ultimately from the subconscious. The bottom line is that if you're not feeling totally confident about yourself, even if you are confident about your product, you will struggle to sell anything or close any deal.

No one "likes" an over pushy salesperson, but funnily enough neither does anyone have any time for a salesperson who doesn't have the confidence to carry themselves, the customer and the deal through to closure.

Highly skilled and successful salespeople have a natural ability to just reach in and grab their inner confidence and bring it to the fore when selling and closing. It doesn't make any difference what the product or service is, it can be one thing one week and something totally different the next, they just have the natural subconsciously derived confidence to pull off being assertive without being pushy, and are able to project complete mastery of and enthusiasm for the product in such a way that it transmits to the customer who then realises that they actually want the product or service.

Hypnosis for Sales

With hypnosis for sales, success and wealth building, you can achieve your financial goals and a lot more. A daily motivator session with a hypnosis download created specifically with these aims in mind will reprogram your subconscious thought patterns in such a way that you'll soon be brimming with confidence in yourself and in your ability to win. Listen to the download, while mentally and physically relaxed in quiet, comfortable surroundings, once a day or at nights as you're going to sleep, daily or nightly for around two weeks and thereafter less frequently. Success or failure in any given endeavour depends largely on what is going on, for better or worse, in the subconscious mind, and hypnosis is the tool through which you can make your subconscious work for you.

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