Hypnosis Induction Scripts - A
Guide To Hypnosis Induction

To initially induce deep relaxation is the aim of all hypnosis induction scripts because relaxation opens up the pathway to the subconscious and prepares it for the absorption of the direct and/or indirect positive suggestions which will follow the induction. As far as self hypnosis is concerned these scripts can be thought of as a guide or model on which to base your own induction procedure after having adapted or adjusted it to suit your personal needs or preferences.

Hypnosis Induction Scripts

Start by relaxing the body before you focus inward on the mind, though to some extent at least when the body relaxes the mind naturally follows anyway.

(At this point it's assumed that you're clear in your mind about what it is that you want to use hypnosis induction scripts for, about what problem you most strongly desire to overcome or what change or improvement in your life you most strongly desire to make).

Deep relaxation is most effectively achieved fractionally or gradually, meaning that you relax one part of the body after another, i.e. feet and ankles and then legs and so on, and by adjusting or regulating your breathing while doing this. The end result - which with practice can take only a few minutes - is an overall feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation, a sensation of floating almost, which has the added effect of making the subconscious more receptive to autosuggestion.

Before you begin, set aside and fix in your mind a daily time or times - once or better twice a day, say morning and evening, of around a total of 15 minutes each - where and when you can make yourself comfortable and have privacy and quiet.

Now that that's established, either lie down on a bed or large couch or sit down in a large and comfortable armchair. If you're lying down make sure that there's enough space to spread your arms out slightly to the sides and that your head and neck are comfortable and not strained in any way. Whether you're lying or sitting down, don't cross your legs/ankles and don't clasp your hands. If you're sitting in an armchair just keep your hands flat on your thighs or on the armrests.

Now that you're comfortable, slowly close your eyes and begin to breathe fairly slowly, deeply and evenly. Breathe through the nose and inhale gently for a few seconds, pause for a few seconds then exhale gently for a few seconds. Pause again and continue to repeat. It can be good practice to start by mentally counting the seconds as you inhale and exhale, say 5 seconds each, 1-5 for inhalation and 5-1 for exhalation, as this helps to focus the mind and draw your consciousness inward.

Now, while maintaining your fairly deep and measured breathing, focus your mind on your feet and ankles. (Some hypnosis induction scripts suggest that you start at the top of your head and "work" your way down, while other hypnosis induction scripts - as we're doing here - suggest starting with the feet and moving upwards. During the first few times you do this try it both ways and form your own preference).

Now feel your toes, feet and ankles becoming limp and relaxed and while keeping your eyes closed and maintaining your breathing, feel the sense of soothing relaxation moving up your calves towards your knees. Visualize and feel yourself in some calm and tranquil setting, and allow the feeling of limpness and relaxation to spread up through your thighs and to your waist.

Now visualize and feel your abdomen and lower back areas becoming loose, limp and relaxed, all the while breathing gently in and out, in and out...

Now feel the calming and soothing relaxation spreading upwards to your upper back and chest areas and then to your shoulders. Don't try to make your muscles relax, simply allow them to relax.

(Some hypnosis induction scripts don't seem to take into account that some highly stressed people feel that they just can't relax, owing to their minds being in constant turmoil. This is simply a negative and delusional perception because of course anyone can relax, even in difficult and trying circumstances. All you have to do is visualize and think of yourself as being relaxed and your body and mind almost immediately begins to calm down).

Now visualize and feel the relaxed looseness spreading down from your shoulders to your arms, wrists and hands, all the while maintaining your measured breathing.

Now begin to focus on the neck and facial areas. Necks are notorious repositories of muscular tension, and so you may need to focus your visualization of and feeling of relaxation a little more intently on this area.

If you're sitting down you may find that once your neck and face is relaxed your head wants to sort of hang loose a bit. If so, just let it.

You should now be feeling quite deeply physically and mentally relaxed. If not, don't worry. It just means that there's a bit more physical and/or mental tension within you than normal and that you need to practice the relaxation induction procedure a few more times. As long as you're comfortable, in private and undisturbed by noise you'll soon get there.

Following now is an example of one of the modified hypnosis induction scripts for relaxation. Read through it first, and note that it broadly follows the guidelines outlined on the self hypnosis scripts page. Write it down or copy/paste it into a Word or Notepad document (or something similar). Then - if necessary - adjust or modify the wording to suit your personal preference.

Then begin the process of memorizing it so that you can mentally or verbally go through it as you use the above outlined procedure to induce physical and mental relaxation in yourself. It goes without saying almost that it's preferable to make recordings of completed hypnosis induction scripts as listening - in your own voice - as you induce the relaxation would be much easier and probably more effective than mentally or verbally reciting it.

"I'm gently allowing my eyes to close and beginning to allow myself to relax..."

"And now I'm breathing slowly and deeply, slowly and deeply and beginning to feel more and more relaxed..."

"More and more relaxed... yes more and more relaxed as I breathe slowly and deeply, slowly and deeply..."

"My eyes are closed and I'm drifting inward and inward... breathing slowly and deeply and feeling more and more relaxed..."

"As I'm feeling more and more relaxed my feet and legs are feeling very limp and relaxed... yes very limp and relaxed..."

"And now I feel very calm and tranquil as I breathe slowly and deeply yes slowly and deeply... and I'm feeling more and more relaxed..."

"And now my legs and abdomen are feeling limp and relaxed yes limp and relaxed as I slowly drift deeper and deeper inward..."

"And as I'm breathing slowly and gently in and out yes in and out my chest and back are feeling very limp and relaxed..."

"And now as I breathe slowly and deeply and slowly drift deeper and deeper inward my shoulders and arms are feeling very limp and relaxed... yes very limp and relaxed..."

"And now I feel so very calm and tranquil... yes so very calm and tranquil as I breathe slowly and gently and feel more and more relaxed..."

"And as I breathe slowly and gently... and feel more and more relaxed my neck and face are feeling limp and relaxed yes limp and relaxed..."

"And as I slowly drift deeper and deeper inward and feel more and more relaxed my neck and face feel very limp and relaxed... yes very limp and relaxed..."

It's at this point that your recital or recording would seamlessly continue on - after an appropriate pause - to whatever relevant script that you'd be using to use autosuggestion to make whatever change in your life that you desire.

As with all hypnosis induction scripts, treat the dots in the script as indications of a few seconds pause between words and paragraphs and speak clearly but also slowly, evenly and gently. As far as hypnosis induction scripts go, this is quite basic but will serve its purpose. However if you wish to expand or elaborate on it then do so. Now click on the following link to the free hypnotherapy scripts page where there are examples of scripts that you can modify for your own purpose and which you can ultimately use as the aforementioned continuation of the relaxation induction.

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