Some Common Hypnosis Myths

Common hypnosis myths originate ultimately from times past when hypnosis was viewed with suspicion by dogmatically minded religious zealots and their credulous followers. A bit more recently many depictions of hypnosis in movies etc tended to portray it as involving either a "controlling" type figure, i.e. the hypnotist, or a "victim" figure, i.e. the hypnotized.

Debunking Hypnosis Myths

Some stage hypnosis shows have also intentionally or unintentionally created myths about hypnosis, in that some people now believe that if they're hypnotized they'll lose all control over themselves and be at the mercy of anyone who wants to humiliate or exploit them. Untrue.

Here's a selection of the more common misconceptions...

Only gullible and impressionable people can be hypnotized

Almost anyone could be hypnotized. In fact it actually appears to be the case that people who find it easy to go into a hypnotic trance tend to be creative and imaginative people who also have the ability to focus and concentrate well.

Under hypnosis you can be made to do things you wouldn't normally do

If that were true then you would literally have no mind of your own. Just because a hypnotist/hypnotherapist has helped you into a relaxed state of heightened suggestibility - in order to smooth the way for positive and desirable suggestions to reach the subconscious - by no means does this mean that you could be "controlled" into doing something against your will, any more than you could be at any other time.

As far as stage hypnosis shows are concerned, stage hypnotists are professional entertainers before they're anything else, and are skilled in selecting the right "victims" for their acts. People go to stage hypnosis shows not only to be entertained, but also to entertain others and show off. Stage hypnotists/entertainers can spot extroverts who are willing to be put under and join in the fun from a mile away.

You could be kept in a hypnotic trance indefinitely

It simply isn't possible to get stuck in a trance state any more than it's possible to remain asleep indefinitely. Even if you were hypnotized and the hypnotist wandered off and forgot about you, all that would happen would be that you would wake up naturally in due course.

Hypnosis is based on Occult Powers and is dangerous

Hypnosis, by way of its interaction with the subconscious mind, is a powerful tool that can be used to change and improve lives, sometimes immeasurably. Anything that involves using the power of the subconscious mind is bound to excite the opinions of people who sense that what they're getting excited about is something deep and powerful but who at the same time understand virtually nothing about it.

These misconceptions about hypnosis wouldn't matter if it wasn't for the fact that they actually do prevent some people who could be helped with certain problems from getting the help that they need. If that applies to you then hopefully this page will have gone some way towards dispelling any hypnosis myths that could be holding you back from using a completely safe, natural and effective tool to resolve a wide range of problems and issues. There is also a selection of articles available at which will help to illustrate this.

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