Hypnosis Stories And The
Benefits Of Hypnosis

The ability to resolve problems and transform your life through hypnosis stories is not as distant a possibility as it may seem to be. My own interest in the subject was originally sparked by reading hypnosis stories which intrigued and fascinated me with their accounts of people in seemingly difficult or even impossible situations finding relief and resolution through the power of hypnosis/self hypnosis.

These stories about hypnosis brought home to me the absolute reality of the existence of powers and abilities latent within everyone, and consequently became the starting point of my own research into and ultimately my own use of self hypnosis as a means of successfully overcoming problems and fulfilling goals.

Here's an example of one of the real hypnosis stories which has been documented as fact, and which may well serve to stimulate your curiosity on the subject.

In due course and as time permits we'll be adding more accounts and hypnosis related stories to this page. In the meantime if you've ever wondered about hypnobirthing read on.

A Celebrity Wife and Hypnobirthing

Soon after she became pregnant TV presenter Beverley Turner and her partner Olympic rower James Cracknell saw a TV documentary about hypnobirthing and they decided to investigate further. According to the documentary painless labour and delivery could be achieved by using self hypnosis to put yourself into a deeply relaxed and calm state of mind through which pain free labour and delivery could be realised without the use of even an aspirin.

Beverley was initially sceptical but decided that it was worth looking into anyway. The couple contacted a hypnobirthing coach who explained to them how pain and stress free delivery was possible through hypnosis.

"It's based on the principle that fear makes you tense, then tension creates pain. When you go into labour, your womb contracts to push the baby out, but if you're all clenched up the muscles won't work properly. And who wouldn't be tense after years of hearing how scary giving birth is?".

"The classes teach you breathing and visualization exercises to banish those thoughts from your mind and relax your muscles to help your baby out easily".

By the time Beverley went into labour she was so relaxed that she was able to enjoy catching that week's episode of her favorite TV soap just before going into hospital. She listened to the hypnobirthing tape and entered the birthing pool and with the midwife repeated the positive affirmations again and her baby son was born a few hours later, without any tearing or need for stitches or drugs.

"I felt brilliant. It was like floating in another world. I'd recommend hypnobirthing to anyone. It was a lovely experience" says Beverley.

(From an article in the UK Sunday Mirror Celebs Magazine). 

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