Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking
& Deal with Smoking Withdrawal

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

By understanding the role of the subconscious in using hypnosis to quit smoking you're halfway towards gaining the benefits of giving up smoking. You're probably already aware that beyond the physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms - which only last a few days - the real battle begins.

That battle is won or lost depending on whether or not you have harnessed the latent power of your subconscious mind by using hypnosis to quit smoking to permanently eradicate the psychological addiction from your mind.

Many long term smokers have tried several times to quit smoking cigarettes. You can last a few weeks, months, even years, but one slip up is all it takes, one cigarette then the next thing you know you're back on however many a day and spending a small mortgage on it, and not least also having to reacquaint yourself with the looming threat of disease and death.

Most people who try to stop smoking cigarettes do so for health and financial reasons. These are good reasons but they don't deal with the fundamental fact that after a few hours the prospect of a cigarette starts to become quite attractive. A few hours more then it starts to become a very attractive prospect indeed, and you realise that your mind is now racing with all the reasons why just one would actually be ok, would somehow improve your long term chances of success.

You may manage to hold out for a few more hours or years, but the psychological craving has never really left you. You could also have spent a small fortune on all the various quit smoking aids available - these aids can take the edge off the initial physical craving - but they do not even begin to deal with the real source of the problem which can only be approached and dealt with through the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

So why is it that by using hypnosis to stop smoking so many smokers have become non smokers, untroubled by recurring cravings? The answer to that is quite straightforward. After you've overcome the first hurdle of physical dependency on nicotine - usually 4-8 days - it becomes all about mindset. Your mindset, whether it be in relation to money, relationships, food or anything else including of course smoking, emanates from your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind will simultaneously guide you towards and attract to you whatever conditions are represented by the conscious thoughts and images you habitually impress upon it. If you constantly think and believe that you are addicted to smoking, if you've never properly addressed the deep rooted and habituated thought processes that make you think and feel that you want to smoke, it will often only be a matter of time - sometimes quite a long time - before you will finally give in and start smoking again.

However, while your subconscious mind is all powerful, it is also in a sense malleable. If you habitually think that you're going to succeed with something, it will ensure, one way or another, that you succeed. If you think failure, it will cause you to fail.

This principle - which incidentally is now being endorsed by an increasing number of eminent quantum physicists, neuroscientists and psychologists around the world - shows us that thoughts are energy, that the quality of your conscious thought determines the quality of your life, because the subconscious will create in the actuality of your life whatever reality is represented by your conscious thought.

If - through self hypnosis - you train your conscious mind to habitually think that you no longer need to or want to smoke, then your subconscious will create the conditions in your mind and life to make that a lasting reality.

The most important drivers of addiction to smoking - more important than the physical ones - are habituated patterns of thoughts and feelings relating to smoking which have become deeply ingrained on your subconscious, and the only effective way of dealing with this is by "persuading" your subconscious that you no longer need to or want to smoke.

This is done by creating a link between your conscious desire to stop smoking and your subconscious, which has the power to make it happen. This is achieved through self hypnosis and/or hypnosis.

There are several strategies using hypnosis to quit smoking you can use to beat the addiction and free yourself from smoking health risks. One could involve booking a series of hypnotherapy sessions, and this of course can and does work, but has the drawback of being, for some people at least, prohibitively expensive and also means that you can't do things in your own way and at your own pace. Alternatively, another form of hypnosis to quit smoking involves the use of hypnosis downloads which is an increasingly popular option and has been successful in helping many smokers become non smokers.

Nicotine Facts

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that is a natural constituent of the tobacco plant. When you start smoking and consequently become addicted to nicotine and then try to stop, the withdrawal symptoms can make it seem practically impossible.

Smoking Triggers

As you become used to smoking, some day to day situations become marked out in the conscious mind as being times when you particularly need a cigarette. The thought of not having a cigarette in these circumstances has become particularly disagreeable, for example your enjoyment of a meal could be ruined if you discovered that you couldn't smoke after it.

Smoking Cessation Guidelines

Quitting smoking is a serious undertaking but also one with a fantastic payback. In practical terms, you'll be in a stronger position when you're ready to start your quit smoking plan by having an action plan in place

Natural Smoking Cessation

If you think about it, using a natural way to quit smoking has surely got to be the only way, and using hypnosis to quit smoking is about as natural as it gets. You have the power within you, the most natural power there is, to break any addiction.

Breastfeeding and Smoking

Ideally pregnancy and smoking would be mutually exclusive, however pregnant women can be addicted to nicotine like anyone else, and smoking after the event can affect the baby too.

Quitting Marijuana

The vexed question of whether or not marijuana is addictive has never really been satisfactorily answered. To arrive at some sort of personal conclusion, you'd probably need to formulate your own definition of what "addiction" actually means.

Still, there's no doubt that some people who've been smoking cannabis regularly for years, and then decide to quit, encounter difficulties with that. 


The important thing to understand is that addiction to nicotine becomes rooted in the subconscious, more so than the physical body, and that it is the subconscious that holds the key to beating it. By using hypnosis to quit smoking you're using the most effective and proven method to quit smoking available. Not only that, but hypnosis to quit smoking is also one of the most natural ways to quit smoking and free yourself from the cravings and potential consequences of your addiction.

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