How The Law Of Prosperity And
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Law Of Prosperity

Any law of prosperity involves setting and achieving your goals but there are other things relating to prosperity laws that first need to be understood before you decide on what your goal actually is. An important first law of prosperity involves understanding that before you'll truly succeed in any occupation or business you must actually want to do it.

If you're in a job or business that is not nourishing your self identity, in other words allowing you personal creative expression, you will never really prosper in it. Even if you were to some extent materially successful in it, it wouldn't be making you personally happy and fulfilled, so therefore wouldn't represent true prosperity.

It goes without saying that many people are not entirely happy in their work. The pressure to take a job - any job - has led millions of people into unsatisfactory and unhappy careers. Or perhaps an opportunity with good pay arose, and you'd have thought yourself foolish not to take it. So without giving it proper thought went ahead with it and now find yourself dissatisfied with your career path, with a small, faint voice at the back of your mind telling you that you're not doing what you should be doing.

The reality of life is that millions of people feel themselves forced by economic circumstances to spend their lives in mindless, soul destroying jobs. Undoubtedly some people are reasonably happy in these situations, but many are not, because they know on some deeper level that they have much more potential and much more to offer if they could find something to put their heart into.

The old saying about putting your heart into something has a basis in psychological truth. You can only really put your heart into something if you really want to. If you don't want to do something, you'll not be able to give it your all, to put your heart into it, and so therefore will never truly succeed or prosper through it.

If you're in a job or business that you love, then this law of prosperity will work for you naturally. Success or failure in business doesn't so much depend on the details of how a business is run but on the motivation and personality of the person(s) running the business. Mental attitude towards the business and life in general dictates whether the business will fail or enjoy sustainable and consistent success.

Of course circumstances can create problems for any business or economic endeavour, but if the owner has his or her heart in it, and has self belief and a positive mental attitude, he or she would view this as merely a temporary setback on the way to something bigger and better.

Prosperity is achieved by working industriously at something, but not because you have to, but because you want to. As far as "free" money is concerned, unless one chance in millions comes up and you win the lottery, the bottom line is that there are no magic wands to be waved. Get rich quick schemes are an insult to the intelligence, but are usually saturated in professionally written copy designed to appeal to emotional and not realistic thinking. Ask yourself, if it was truly genuine why would they bother trying to market it? Common sense, which the more effective GRQ copy is deliberately designed to suspend, gives you the answer.

To begin to prosper and change your destiny, you have to start from where you are now, even if your current situation or business doesn't satisfy you. Despite circumstances, you are where you are because that is where your existing mental attitude to work, life and money has taken you. If you wish to change these circumstances and give yourself a chance to achieve success and prosperity, you first have to change that mental attitude.

The Law of Prosperity

Goal setting is an integral part of any law of prosperity. To get somewhere or achieve something you have to know where you want to go or what you want to achieve. Without a clear goal you'll flit from one job or business idea to another and never really get anywhere, or at best achieve only partial success.

It's also necessary to understand that your conscious thoughts create your reality. Your subconscious will manifest in the reality of your life whatever thoughts and images are being consistently impressed on it by your conscious thought. If you're always thinking that life is hard and that wealth is almost impossible to come by except through "luck" or accident of birth, then hardship and poverty is what your subconscious will ensure that you get. If on the other hand you develop a prosperity mindset, consistently thinking thoughts of success, positivity and wealth, then your subconscious will guide you to and attract to you success and wealth. This is a fundamental law of prosperity.

Financial freedom and prosperity eludes many people because they have the wrong mental attitude to money. If asked they would say that they would like to be rich, but because of the negative nature of their conscious thoughts about money and wealth creation, the subconscious continues to manifest hardship and want in their lives. Deep down they feel that they shouldn't or couldn't be financially free, and so are constantly erecting mental barriers in front of themselves to prevent it, and so breaking a law of prosperity.

However your subconscious, through self hypnosis, can be very effectively put to work for you. Let's assume that you want a particular sum of money to come into your life. There are two main steps involved in starting to make this happen.

First, forget about everything else, apart obviously from the day to day basics of life. If you've realised that you really want this money, more than anything else, then it will be starting to occupy the forefront of your attention anyway.

Then relax and visualize it, twice a day every day, for 5-10 minutes each time, either as an actual bundle of cash with your name on it or perhaps in some other visual form, or alternatively just visualize yourself living a wealthy lifestyle. Soon, your all powerful subconscious mind will start getting the message and you will start to feel intuitive promptings towards this or that idea, person, situation or potential opportunity which will begin to lead you toward the fulfillment of your goal. Also, you need to deal with any issues of self esteem, confidence, guilt or whatever it is that may be holding you back from genuinely believing that this money should be and will be yours.

This can be achieved through the use of a millionaire mindset hypnosis download, which is specifically themed to put your mentality and abilities on to a positive track with regard to generating and making money.

When you combine your visualization of your financial goal with the use of the download - visualize during the day and if possible use your pc or mp3 to listen to the download at nights as you're going to sleep - your subconscious will begin to guide you onto a "path with heart" whereby you'll find interesting new ideas about money starting to emerge into your conscious mind and, perhaps through various "coincidences", find yourself saying and doing the right things at the right times and in the right places with the right people, which is the necessary "mechanics" involved in ultimately achieving your goal. Your subconscious will not only guide you towards your goal but will also attract it to you.

And you will indeed be putting your heart into it, because after all you're in pursuit of your cherished goal, and you'll be seeing it starting to come within your actual grasp.

Before actually setting your goal, temper your enthusiasm with a one step at a time approach. Unless you're already somehow involved with wealth, then the acquisition of a million dollars by next month is probably not a realistic goal to start with, although depending on where you're starting from it would be perfectly possible within say, 1 to 2 years. If you set yourself an unrealistic goal, you're breaching a law of prosperity and your imagination will quickly begin to work against you, filling your mind with images of doubt and failure with as a result some sort of failure as the outcome.

However if you set a goal with a timescale that you know is a reasonable one then your imagination will work for you, impressing on your subconscious the strength and feeling of your desire, whereby your all powerful subconscious will quickly get to work guiding you through the steps required to achieve the goal.

Hypnosis for Success

The achievement of this first comparatively modest goal is of course only the beginning. After that, this law of prosperity allows you to expand your horizons and go on to bigger things. Encouraged, not least, by the knowledge that by learning how to manifest money, initially by understanding a law of prosperity and by using visualization and self hypnosis through the millionaire mindset download, you now know that you can go on to achieve anything that you really want to.

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