How You Can Lose Your Inhibitions and Gain Sexual Confidence With Hypnosis

Lose Your Inhibitions

Using the power of your subconscious to overcome and lose your inhibitions in a positive and focused way is in fact the only effective way to do this. All self assured and sexually confident people use this subconscious power consistently all the time whether they know it or not. Equally, satisfying and fulfilling experiences in both female and male sexuality are founded on at least some degree of emotional and sexual intimacy, but if you feel that you somehow can't lose your inhibitions then this intimacy will not happen.

What are Inhibitions?

For better or worse, societies in general tend to promote conformity in one way or another, some more so than others, though there's a strong case that social structures based more on individualism merely encourage a different form of conformity.

Feeling constrained and inhibited therefore isn't always something that comes from "within", there are social pressures around you designed to discourage behavior deemed to be unacceptable.

However when personal inhibitions relating to male or female sexuality are holding you back, causing you to miss opportunities and lowering the quality of your life then it's time to look "within" and start to do something about it.

Inhibition is something that we're very consciously aware of. You may feel inhibited about taking the lead in a group conversation and saying something that may arouse ridicule, even if you believe in what you want to say, because of fear of the reaction that it would get and how that would impact on the ego.

Many people - though not all - would take the safer option and keep their opinion to themselves, and privately think less of themselves as a consequence anyway.

Or you may have met someone you consider to be personally and sexually attractive, and feel that there's a possibility that the feeling may be mutual. In your mind you start to imagine yourself approaching this person and everything just clicks and goes like a dream and you're both smiling at each other and..... but then you become consciously aware of thoughts and feelings of doubt and fear, what if he/she just laughs at me? How terrible will I feel then? Is it worth trying? Maybe not, maybe "next time". And there goes the end of another potentially life changing opportunity.

Losing The Wrong Inhibitions

It's obviously well known that alcohol can release inhibitions - break the ice - to varying degrees, largely dependent on how much is consumed and in what circumstances. Unless you have your own personal reasons for total abstinence, there's nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption. However to use alcohol or any other drug specifically as a way to lose your inhibitions is a strategy that will often end in grief.

By using artificial means of losing inhibition, such as alcohol, you end up not only losing inhibitions - and not necessarily the ones you wanted to lose - but also your sense of judgement and focus, consequently defeating the purpose of the exercise in the first place.

An excessively shy or inhibited person is almost certainly someone who has issues with confidence and self esteem. Someone who is very inhibited about making social and sexual connections with others is to some extent plagued by self doubt and emotional insecurity, able to see the opportunities but unable to see beyond their mental picture of themselves somehow failing at every attempt.

To truly free yourself from the constraints of self defeating and unnecessary inhibitions you have to change the way that you consciously think about yourself.

Help To Lose Your Inhibitions

Someone who is overly sexually inhibited may well have difficulties with other aspects of their life as well, however if sex and sexual relationships and issues with emotional closeness seem to be the main concern demanding attention and holding you back from finding a healthy relationship, then your "sexual personality" is where the focus should go.

There are two ways to look at this, in that some opinion holds that sexual inhibition comes from an overall lack of confidence, and that the person should be, in the first instance anyway, guided towards hypnosis for self esteem building.

Alternatively, it may be that you feel clearly that your main inhibitory problem relates specifically to sex and sexual situations, and that therefore hypnosis for male or female sexual enhancement would be more appropriate. It would have to be up to the individual with their own self knowledge to make that particular call.

As a way to lose your inhibitions and deal with intimacy issues hypnosis has been acknowledged as a proven and successful method. By - daily and/or nightly for a few weeks - relaxing quite deeply while absorbing an appropriately themed pc or mp3 hypnosis download, you train your conscious mind to discard the negative feelings and mental images of failure that appear in your mind whenever you think of yourself trying to take positive action in some situation. As a result of this, your self image improves, and whatever image of yourself you have in your conscious mind becomes imprinted on your all powerful subconscious which then leads you to and attracts to you people and situations which will confirm this new self image. To lose your inhibitions and build sexual confidence is not some far off and distant dream, it's within your power now.

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