Mastering Your Life With
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Mastering Your Life

By using mindpower and creative visualization to achieve your goals mastering your life is not only possible but positively within your grasp. If your goal is to have the relationship you want then success also depends on whether you are mastering your life or if your life is mastering you. Successful use of the universal laws of attraction with regard to finding love relationships depends on having mastery of your deeper thought processes and consequently on whether your imagination is working to help you or hinder you.

If you do indeed have a desire to find an ideal loving relationship with someone then what is the first thought, feeling or image that comes into your mind when you put this statement to yourself : "I want to find someone to love and who loves me."

If there's any sensation of anything like anxiety, doubt, fear or denial (i.e. it wouldn't/couldn't happen to me), then this indicates that your conscious thought processes in relation to matters of love and relationships - and perhaps other areas of life as well - may not be working for your benefit in the way that they could or should be.

Every thought that comes immediately into your conscious mind in reaction to whatever subject or situation that presents itself to you affects the way in which you deal with that subject or situation and consequently the outcome of any of your actual efforts in relation to it, be it concerning love, sex, interpersonal relations, money, achieving goals or absolutely anything else.

If your "instinctive" thoughts and feelings about things are negative, overcast by an aura of anxiety, fear, doubt etc, then you will hold yourself back in life and be left with nothing but a collection of unrealised hopes and dreams and of course regrets. This is what mastering your life is about - using the scientifically proven power of your subconscious, through self hypnosis, to replace these negative thought processes with inspirational thoughts and ideas and a powerful positive realisation of just what you can do, and to then go forward and get what you want out of life.

The old religious statement about God being always ready to forgive could perhaps be translated to mean that your all powerful subconscious can always be put to use for your great benefit. Your subconscious is always ready to begin working for you. Even if you'd spent your whole life in the darkest dungeon of negativity and unhappiness, it would still be more than possible for you to use its power to turn your life around in ways that would amaze you and those around you.

Desire And Belief

Just wanting something won't bring it into your life, because you're effectively just visualizing yourself wanting that person or thing, so all the wanting in the world would leave only an unfulfilled desire.

However, changing bad habits of negative thinking and creating the belief in yourself - through self hypnosis - that whatever you want in life can be achieved will give your subconscious the cue to show you the signs that will lead you towards it. As you progress along these "signposts" you'll find that one thing leads to another and that "coincidence" often comes into play, leading ultimately to whatever or whoever is your desired goal.

If you're prepared to allow yourself to believe in something, your subconscious will begin to prompt you to focus your attention and desire on the opportunities - which are always there - to gradually and sometimes even almost immediately achieve it.

Mastering Your Life

Under the right conditions of physical and mental relaxation, visualization and hypnotic suggestion can be used as a means of tapping into the intuitive knowledge and powerful self confidence that most definitely is latent within you. Mastering your life is about setting goals and knowing that you can achieve them, and hypnosis is a tool to help you do just that. By using self hypnosis downloads themed specifically to deal with confidence in relationships or as a means of helping you find the perfect relationship, the path to fulfillment of your desire will become clear.

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