How Migraine Hypnosis Helps
As A Treatment For Migraines

Through the power of your subconscious migraine hypnosis can help to deal with the symptoms of a migraine. That is undoubtedly true though many, through lack of belief or knowledge, would not know it. It's not clear exactly what the actual root causes of migraine headaches are, though there are of course recognised migraine triggers, but even so, hypnotic treatment for migraine when applied from an audio download on your computer or mp3 player will reach and influence your subconscious, which has the power to deal with the cause and alleviate the symptoms.

What is Migraine

A migraine headache usually affects one half of, or the front of, the head, causing throbbing pain which can last 2 or 3 hours right up to around 3 days. Some people only experience migraine occasionally, others 2 or 3 times a week. Common symptoms, apart from pain itself, include feeling nauseous, vomiting and heightened sensitivity to light and sound.

There are also sometimes visual disturbances, known as migraine aura and other sensory distortions that often indicate that a migraine will soon start. Migraine generally affects women more than men.

There are a number of triggers, or precipitants which can aggravate the onset of migraine, including bright light, excessive noise, stress, smoking, disrupted sleep routines, alcohol, hormonal changes during menopause, MSG (monosodium glutamate), chocolate, red wine and mature cheese.

This is not an exhaustive list, and sometimes one thing acts as a trigger with one person and not with another. Sometimes migraine occurs anyway, without any known or recognised trigger.

Migraine Hypnosis

The powers and abilities which lie untapped within your subconscious are astounding. When someone goes under deep hypnosis, and can lie ramrod straight and stiff between two chairs, with only the upper shoulders and the back of the head placed on the seat of one chair and the heels of the feet on the opposite chair, and have some heavy object placed on their middle, and remain like this for long periods of time until brought back to normal consciousness, this should give at least some inkling of the possibilities and hidden abilities which are locked up within your subconscious and which can be utilized through hypnosis.

When you approach hypnosis or self hypnosis with a clear aim or desire in mind, you can direct these hidden forces to your advantage.

While, as said before, the causes of migraines are not clear, there is still no doubt that migraine headache symptoms can be at the very least relieved by migraine hypnosis when it's applied before, not during, a migraine attack. By listening to a migraine themed hypnosis download or mp3, in conditions of mental and physical relaxation, the soothing suggestions penetrate through to your subconscious which is capable and willing to respond to the directions, or suggestions, which it is given, and considerably reduce or even eliminate the impact of the oncoming migraine.

Details of Hypnosis Downloads For Migraine Relief

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