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Your latent mind power will astound you when you use mind power exercises to unlock your true potential. Learning how to improve your mind power is neither difficult or time consuming however does require a degree of commitment, which, if you're serious about wanting to improve your life, you'll have no problem with anyway. And by "commitment" we're only talking about 10-15 minutes each day, bearing in mind though that for best results it should be every day until you've fulfilled your objective. The discipline required for mind power exercises to be effective is not harsh or even trying, and should be thought of as another daily step towards your goal.

There are three basic techniques involved in developing and building mind power - visualization, affirmation and thought monitoring.


Visualisation. Some people are unsure about whether or not visualisation and imagination are the same thing. They are certainly interconnected but not exactly the same thing. Visualisation is controlled or directed use of the imagination. When visualising you are using your imagination in a very specific way, as a pose to just letting it wander and roam in any direction. When using visualisation you are mentally focusing on some very specific goal, and using thought energy - explained in more depth on this page about quantum physics and mind power - to manifest that vision or goal as a reality in your life.

Creative visualisation is about mentally focusing  on whatever it is that you want to make happen in your life. Health, wealth, finding a relationship, building confidence and much more can become real in the actuality of your life through mind power exercises and thought energy. This is not wishful thinking or fantasy, this is real and it works.

Let's say for example that you want to be a more confident and outgoing person. Set aside 5-10 minutes each day, in a quiet, relaxed and private environment, relax physically and mentally, close your eyes and imagine - visualise - yourself as being the confident and self assured person you'd like to be. Visualise yourself in your mind's eye conversing freely with friends, acquaintances and colleagues and being an integral part of social groupings and gatherings. See people as being glad to see you and interested in what you say and do. See and feel yourself as enjoying their company immensely and knowing that it's mutual.

Don't see it and feel it as something that you're hoping might happen, rather it's crucial that you see it and feel it as something that's happening now, already. The fact that it isn't actually happening right now is irrelevant. Why? Because the change that you want to make starts in the subconscious mind, and the subconscious doesn't distinguish between what's real and what's imagined. If the visualisation is done repeatedly on a daily basis and has the feeling of confidence behind it, the subconscious will eventually accept it as real and true and you will soon then start to feel your confidence and self assuredness grow. 

Affirmation. Affirmations are a very simple yet powerful technique or exercise. Again using confidence building as an example, you'd be visualising yourself as a confident and outgoing person, say twice a day 5-10 minutes each time, maybe first thing in the morning and again before you go to sleep, and using an affirmation throughout the day in between.

Affirmations work for two reasons. Firstly, the affirmation itself, for example "I am confident, attractive and successful" simply by virtue of it's having been said or thought, more or less obliges the mind to momentarily accommodate the image and feeling of you being confident, attractive and successful. Secondly, through repetition of the affirmation at various points throughout the days, it stops being momentary and the mind becomes accustomed to it. 

What that really means is that the subconscious is starting to absorb the import of the affirmation and is beginning to accept it as being real and true. Next thing you know, you wake up one day and realise that you are confident, attractive and successful, or at least significantly more so than you were before. 

Affirmations must always be framed in positive terms, be in the present tense and be short and simple, as in "I am confident, attractive and successful."  Include in your affirmation whatever word most closely relates to what it is that you want, i.e. healthy, slim, wealthy, successful, attractive, sexy. Repeat your affirmation to yourself, verbally or mentally, as often as you like through the day, and don't try to force yourself to believe it, just repeat it.

Thought Monitoring. Another of the most powerful - though slightly harder - mind power exercises involves dealing with negative thoughts. It would be unrealistic to think that you could eliminate negative thinking entirely, indeed it could even be the case that there is - in some circumstances - some use for it if it's infrequent and low-level. Aiming to reduce it dramatically is enough to be going on with.

Negative thoughts are like eyesores on your mental landscape. If they become habitual and deep-rooted then psychological and emotional negativity will narrow your vision and hold you back in life. You have to get into the mental habit of thinking about what you're thinking about, in other words adopting a sort of bird's eye view of your habitual thinking processes so that you can see a negative thought coming and stop it in its tracks. 

Whenever you find yourself thinking negatively about something, anger, anxiety, self doubt for example, make a conscious mental effort to quickly remove it and replace it with some more positive thought. You can only think one thought at a time, so this isn't as tricky or as unrealistic as it may seem. Or immediately start to verbally or mentally use a positive affirmation to remove the negativity. At first it will be harder, but once you get into the habit of it the positive starts to outweigh the negative and in time the positive attitude and thinking starts to become more "second nature", with all of the benefits that will bring to you.  

If you know what it is that you want to change or improve about your life and commit yourself to using mind power exercises to achieve it you may well find yourself utterly amazed at the results. The dormant power of the mind is real, as real as the chair you're sitting on or the screen you're looking at now. All you have to do is choose to use it.

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