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Learning how to increase mind power is not difficult because mind power techniques are in no way complex or problematic. In truth, while it may seem a bold statement to make, unlimited mind power is, as it were, at your fingertips. By using mind power techniques all that you are doing to all intents and purposes is drawing on and harnessing what you already have within you. 

What exactly is Mind Power? We can begin to answer that by first understanding that your mind is made up of your feelings, beliefs, expectations, hopes and fears. All of these things are based on thoughts. Your thoughts are your mind. But what about the "power" bit? Power, in the truest sense of the word, is energy. Energy exists and vibrates in and around everything, both sentient and non-sentient, rocks, plants, animals, humans, everything that exists in the Universe. Everything around you and including yourself consists of these vibrations of energy. The purest, most ultimate form of this energy is consciousness, thought itself. Your thoughts are energy and have a far greater influence over your life than you may well realise. To put it very simply and basically, you are what you think. Not just "you are what you think you are" but literally "you are what you think."

This isn't just some off-the-wall New Age theory, this is the astounding reality that has been discovered by quantum physicists and which has conclusively confirmed the connection between quantum physics and mind power. 

Whether you know it or not or believe it or not, your thoughts are extremely powerful and determine the course of your life. Not only your past and present, but also your future is now taking shape inside your mind. Whether that future is happy or unhappy, fulfilled or unfulfilled, successful or unsuccessful, depends on the positive or negative nature of the thought energy being generated in your mind right now. Mind power techniques are about understanding this and learning how to use the power of your mind to chart your own destiny towards whatever ends you truly wish.

"Choice, not chance, determines destiny." Anon


You begin to know wisdom when you realize how little you know. With regard to learning how to harness the hidden power of the mind that statement represents a good place to start. Not because learning how to develop mind power is complicated and requires great intellect - it isn't complicated and doesn't require great intellect - but because the potential power of the mind - anyone's mind - is vast, perhaps actually infinite, and so therefore when starting to use mind power techniques it's essential to accept and understand that your existing knowledge and understanding of how it works will be slight. Even the wisest and most clever people on the planet, whoever they may be, could only glimpse a tiny fraction of the wisdom, power and potential of the mind.

You have two minds, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. They are interrelated yet separate. Your conscious mind perceives your immediate reality through your five senses, and decides, based on the belief system that you have built up since childhood, whether or not something is good, bad or indifferent. Your conscious mind decides whether or not to go here or there, do this or do that, believe this or that. For all of its obvious flaws, it is the controller of the incredibly powerful and complex computer that is your brain and mind. 

However all the power and complexity of that "computer" is represented by the subconscious mind. The subconscious doesn't reason, think or "believe" like the conscious mind. It does not discriminate between right or wrong, positive or negative, real or imagined. For all of its incredible power, it "takes orders" from the conscious mind.

The subconscious responds to the thought energy that is transmitted to it by the conscious mind. The "purpose" of the subconscious is to create, in the reality of your life, the conditions and circumstances that correspond to the habitual thoughts and imagery of your conscious mind.

The subconscious is all-powerful yet malleable. It will accept as true or real anything consistently sent to it by the conscious mind, and will not ask questions or be critical about whatever that may be. For example, people whose conscious feeling and thinking is dominated by fears and anxiety about their health often actually become ill. When the conscious mind is habitually thinking about and visualizing illness this negative feeling and imagery gradually imprints itself on to the subconscious which then begins to "follow orders" and begins its work of manifesting the feeling and imagery into the reality of the person's life by causing them to become ill.

However, as said before, the subconscious does not question or discriminate. If that same person instead habitually thought of themselves as being healthy and fit, the subconscious would again "follow orders" and create whatever conditions and circumstances in the person's life - including physically - necessary to manifest the conscious thoughts and mental imagery into reality, and the person would indeed already be or would become healthy and fit.

"The mind is a great healer". Hippocrates

Sometimes the subconscious does its work in what to the uninitiated would seem to be very strange ways. Particularly in relation to things like finding an ideal partner or seeking financial or career advancement, what seem to be odd "coincidences" often happen. One day "something" prompts you to turn a different or new corner - metaphorically or literally - and you meet, say, an old friend you haven't seen for years who then happens to point you in the direction of the very person or thing that you need to fulfil your desire but had previously been unaware of. These types of "coincidences" are representative of the fact that the subconscious has power to not only draw you towards the people and circumstances you need to fulfil your desire, but will also attract them to you.

"The power to move the world is in your subconscious mind." 

William James

The actual "mechanism" that makes mind power techniques work is thought energy. The Universe is a huge, dynamic web of vibrating energy. Everything impinges on and affects everything else. Everything is connected. All thought - consciousness - is energy that affects you and what happens around you. When you use hypnosis/self hypnosis to access the subconscious and control and direct your conscious thought, you are influencing the Universe. If you consistently or habitually concentrate and direct a particular thought or mental image from within your mind out into the Universal web of thought energy, somehow or somewhere throughout that web a sequence of events is triggered into action which in due course results in that thought or image becoming real in your life, like for example when you "by chance" meet an old friend who unknowingly directs you towards the goal that you've been thinking about and visualizing. 


Using mind power techniques and hypnosis/self hypnosis are basically about the same thing - accessing the wisdom and power of the subconscious mind in order to bring beneficial changes or improvements into your life. Self hypnosis (including the use of hypnosis downloads) involves using deep relaxation to open the door to the subconscious whereby it becomes more accepting and amenable to suggestion and mental imagery, then using creative visualization and autosuggestion to "tell" the subconscious what it is that you want it to do.

"Mind Power" relates to the power, the thought energy within your mind which enables it to cause and create change in you and your life. The mind power exercises involved in making it work concern visualisation, affirmation and the conscious monitoring of your thought patterns in order to dramatically reduce negative thinking. See the above linked page for more on mind power techniques and these exercises. 

Many people today feel themselves, for whatever reason, to be financially disadvantaged. If indeed that applies to you, would you think that by being frustrated, angry, worried and otherwise negative about it would be likely to lead to a solution? Or would you prefer to think that you have the power within you to dramatically turn things around and become wealthy and successful, despite the fear chatter and self-belittling of your conscious mind telling you that you could do no such thing?

If you're prepared to believe - at this stage nothing else, just believe - that you just might have it in you to win through and get what you want then think about using millionaire mind power to set you on the road to financial independence.


Mind power techniques are, in a manner of speaking, the key to everything. Everything about you and your life is bound up with the way you use your mind and the way you think. Your present state of being and also crucially your future is inextricably linked with the positive or negative nature of the thought energy you habitually harbour in your mind. By learning and using mind power techniques you can bring dramatic and positive change into your life in ways and to an extent that currently you may well consider to be impossible. 

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