Natural Smoking Cessation With Hypnosis Can Beat Smoking Addiction

The root cause of addiction to smoking can be dealt with by natural smoking cessation methods such as self hypnosis. Using hypnosis/self hypnosis to stop smoking is one of the best methods to quit smoking available, in fact is probably the best because it's not only a completely natural smoking cessation technique but because it can permanently eliminate cravings.

Most smokers who've tried quitting before know that it's not the first few days that are really tricky but the idea of the lifetime beyond without the nicotine crutch that in due course usually foils their efforts.

I remember once a man asking me if I could give him a light for his cigarette, and after telling him that I couldn't, he told me that this was going to be his first cigarette since quitting four and a half years before.

That man had demonstrated qualities of determination and staying power for a long time but was about to blow it because he'd failed to or was unaware of the need to address the subconscious nature of his addiction.

Throughout all of his time of abstinence from smoking there's no doubt that lurking just under the surface of his conscious mind was a feeling that he was missing something, that he was depriving himself of something that he really wanted and needed.

The addictive nicotine poison had indeed left his physical system within several days of putting out his last cigarette four and a half years before, but the psychological addiction was still alive and kicking, so much so that he was now, after all that time, deliberately allowing himself to sleepwalk back into a potentially lethal habit that was also by then probably about twice as expensive as it had been when he quit.

True or False - Once A Smoker Always A Smoker? - FALSE

By using hypnosis for smoking cessation you quit smoking naturally and permanently overcome the addiction by using your conscious mind to habitually impress upon the subconscious thoughts and images of yourself as a non smoker, free of any desire or inclination to smoke. This is what has been shown to work with lasting effect, because the subconscious will manifest as a reality in your life whatever thoughts and images the conscious mind consistently sends to it.

All the quit smoking paraphernalia such as pills, patches, gum etc have a role to play, perhaps in helping to take the edge off the physical withdrawal symptoms during the first week or so, but thereafter should be put aside in order to focus purely on natural smoking cessation by using subconscious mind power through self hypnosis to reprogram your deep rooted attitude to smoking.

You can't beat a deeply ingrained psychological addiction in the long term by using methods or substances that are not completely natural to your mind and body.

The only option otherwise would be to continue using the gum, patches or whatever indefinitely, and that doesn't seem to be a particularly good option. You'd eventually give up on them, perhaps telling yourself that they were no longer necessary, and then it would only, in many cases at least, be a matter of time before those cravings would start to work their way back into your mind with, eventually, predictable results.

Natural Smoking Cessation & Hypnosis

Self hypnosis and hypnosis are the means by which you get down to the bedrock desires, hopes and fears which are the root subconscious drivers of all of your habits and predilictions, including psychological addiction to nicotine.

By using self hypnosis downloads and also perhaps affirmations as a means of natural smoking cessation you deal with not only the symptoms of giving up smoking such as withdrawals, you also remove the habituated ongoing impulse to smoke cigarettes. If you want to and with the help of your subconscious, you can eliminate the impulse from your mental landscape once and for all. Also here's a link to a great article from Uncommon Knowledge which gives further helpful insights into the psychology of smoking addiction.

Uncommon Knowledge

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