Naturally Increase Libido
Ways To Increase Libido

Through improved diet and hypnosis you can naturally increase libido as well as of course your overall health and well being. Regarding specifically how to increase your libido it's best to take a sort of holistic approach, in that while there are often only psychological factors involved, it can do no harm and possibly a lot of good to be aware of the biological factors as well. After all, the mind, the body and the sex drive are all inter-connected, so if the mind or the body becomes in some way damaged or unhealthy, the libido is often one of the first things to suffer. So if you're looking to naturally increase libido you need to be thinking in terms of an overall improvement in well being, both physical and mental. 

What Is Libido

The word "libido" is, of course, a reference to the sex drive. Probably almost every adult with a knowledge of the English language knows this, but it's still useful to have a sort of brief overview of the subject in order to gain a wider perspective on it which can be helpful when considering the reasons for and solutions to libido problems.

The term libido has a Latin root and was originally used by the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. He believed that although humans often enjoy sex purely for pleasure the ultimate, basic driver behind the libido or sex drive is the evolutionary urge to procreate.  

Libido levels vary widely from person to person and can fluctuate within one individual. Various factors, biological, psychological and environmental, can affect a person's sex drive. One of the primary biological factors relating to libido is testosterone, and contrary to some assumptions this affects both male and female, not only male. Certain factors can influence testosterone levels, such as - among other things - the menstrual cycle, some medications and various forms of environmental pollution.   

Desire for sex involves wanting sex generally or wanting to have sex with a particular individual or individuals. Psychological factors also play a highly significant role in determining a person's level of sex drive and of how their sexual preferences and tastes are made up.  

Some Reasons For Low Libido

As previously mentioned, an individual's sex drive can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, and this is of course usually perfectly normal. The most "normal" reason of all relates to the ageing process. No - or almost no - man or woman of 70 can reasonably expect to have the same interest in or desire for sex at that age as he had when he was 18 or 20, or as she had in her thirties, which seems to be generally accepted as the age or time in most womens' lives when the sex drive is highest, as is the late teens for males. While there are always individual variations or exceptions to this general pattern, it's a fact of life that most peoples' interest in and desire for sex declines as they get further into middle and older age.   

Stress - at any age - is a common factor in loss of libido. If you're feeling overwhelmed by pressure of work or finances or whatever then desire for sex almost automatically starts to take a back seat.

Your sense of self esteem and self image also has an effect on your libido. Even if you have quite a high level of testosterone if you habitually see and think of yourself as being somehow inferior or unattractive then sooner or later the sex drive itself will be decreased.

Then there are purely physical factors such as ongoing and excessive consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, the reasons for which may vary but the end result as far as the libido is concerned will almost certainly be negative. Certain medications such as most notably anti-depressants are also known to reduce libido, as do obesity and long term smoking.

For women, post-natal depression and sometimes the menopause can also have an adverse effect on libido.

Naturally Increase Libido

Your mind and body are linked, and your libido is a product of both. Without the mind - the imagination - the libido of course wouldn't exist at all. First of all though it would make sense to look at one of the purely practical steps you can take to boost your libido, by altering and improving your diet to include libido increasing foods. 

Dark chocolate - as long as it's in moderation and is actually high in cocoa content - is well known as a mild aphrodisiac which works for both men and women. Oysters have - among other things - a high zinc content which is believed to have libido enhancing effects on both male and female. The herb basil is also reputed to have an aphrodisiac effect as do figs.

Asparagus and avocado are also believed to be beneficial to male and female libido, and fenugreek - according to a 2011 clinical study - can enhance male libido while celery has a similar effect of increasing female libido. 

Libido And The Power Of The Mind

If you're experiencing ongoing problems with libido and you know that there are no purely physical health related reasons for it, then of course the cause - and the solution - exists within your mind.

Low self esteem and a poor self image does not equate with having a healthy libido. Worry, tension and anxiety will also have a similarly detrimental effect on your sex drive, therefore in order to naturally increase libido the entrenched thought processes and belief system which fosters these negative attitudes must be removed or "reprogrammed". Hypnosis/self hypnosis is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective and successful ways of doing this. Hypnosis pc or mp3 downloads - created by professionally certified and experienced hypnotherapists and psychologists - have been themed and designed specifically to naturally increase libido. Further details of the downloads are available here. 

Hypnosis Downloads For Male Libido Enhancement

Hypnosis Downloads For Female Libido Enhancement

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